Is my Graduate Apprentice a student of the University?

Graduate Apprentices are full-time students. They have access to all support and facilities. If required, we can arrange alternative support for Graduate Apprentices to suit their work and study patterns.

Do I have influence over the course material?

You are encouraged to contribute directly to the design of the work-based learning modules. Overall our programmes are based on the Scottish Quality Framework, the needs of businesses feedback from Apprentices and employers, and through the University's Industry Advisory Boards. All modules are reviewed each year as part of the formal Assurance of Learning process.


What University resources are available to Graduate Apprentices?

Graduate Apprentices have the same access as all our students. As well as their home campus, they may use the facilities at any of our campuses.



What happens if a Graduate Apprentice must suspend their studies due to extenuating circumstances?

Contact the Programme Team as soon as possible. There are several options for suspending studies.


Are there any restrictions on Graduate Apprentices travelling to locations outside of Scotland for work?

No. However the assessment timetable should be consulted when planning leave from the taught modules. Missing or delaying assessment may impact on progression.


Will there be any cost implications for an employer if a Graduate Apprentice leaves their employment before completing their Graduate Apprenticeship?

No. Skills Development Scotland will not reclaim any learning costs.


What happens if a Graduate Apprentice’s employment is terminated before they complete their Graduate Apprenticeship?

If you can no longer keep the individual in employment, or if the Graduate Apprentice resigns, they will have the option to continue their Graduate Apprenticeship with another employer, where available. The funding follows the Graduate Apprentice, not the employer, so the Graduate Apprentice’s funding will continue if they move to a new employer in Scotland.


What if my graduate Apprentice fails an exam?

Do not panic if your Graduate Apprentice has failed a module, and make sure they don’t panic either! The Graduate Apprentice can get help from a number of sources of support. In the first instance, they can contact their Personal Development Tutor, Module Leader or Programme Leader to talk through what will happen regarding reassessment. Additional support is also available from their Module Leader as they prepare for reassessment.


What is a Reassessment?

Reassessment is when a Graduate Apprentice needs to resit an assessment due to having failed it. Reassessments are usually undertaken during trimester 3 and your Graduate Apprentice can find specific details on the Moodle site for the module or, if it is an exam, details can be found through the exam timetable.


What happens if the Graduate Apprentice is unable to meet the academic demands of the course?

If the Graduate Apprentice’s fails assessment elements and subsequent resit opportunities but has successfully completed other elements of the course, they will be awarded a certificate or diploma at the last level they achieved. The same is true if the Graduate Apprentice decides to exit the 4-year programme early.


Is there any requirement to give my Graduate Apprentice any additional time off, such as during exam periods?

As an employer, you are obligated to allow the Apprentice to do University-related work for 20% of their working week. You provide this time by releasing them to attend classes in Trimesters 1 and 2, and time for their projects in Trimester 3. If you are able to give them extra time to study, particularly at assessment time, it will have a positive effect on their learning outcomes.

We endeavour to align exam dates with the delivery model, but on occasion the exam date may fall on a different day. We need you to release the GA to sit the exam but will make sure to give you as much notice as possible.


What happens when we are out of the traditional University timetable?

“The GA is your employee and bound to the terms of your contract, and as such is not bound by traditional university timetables.  They will still work full time with you even when not attending academic study, although work-based learning will still apply. 

The full university calendar can be found here:



What does the workplace Mentor do?

Employers must provide a workplace mentor for the apprentice and they should have regular meetings to review progress.  The mentor should be employed by the same company and work in the same field, ideally working with the apprentice on a daily basis.  They should act as a role model for the apprentice and be their first point of contact in the workplace.

The mentor should also understand the programme of study and be able to assess potential opportunities within their role for meeting assessment and project requirements.


Can the person nominated as the Graduate Apprentice’s Mentor change through the programme?

Yes, although we recommend that the same person remains the Mentor to track the Apprenticeship journey; the needs of the Graduate Apprentice and the business will influence that. Please speak to the Programme Leader or GA Coordinator if you want to make a change.


What is the assessment criteria?

Assessment criteria are published on Moodle along with the assessment task. A 40% overall result is required to pass. Each module assessment may be made up of one or two components; each component of assessment may contain a number of elements, e.g. the assessment component may be a portfolio of work that contains a Powerpoint Presentation, a report and a series of class tests. These would be known as the elements which make up the component. The weighting of components and elements is available to students in their module catalogue. 


What are the progression requirements?

To progress to the next year of the programme the Graduate Apprentice must successfully complete all the modules from the year prior. In some circumstances, progress is possible while re-assessment is pending. Continuation of study on the Graduate Apprentice Programme is also conditional on the Graduate Apprentice continuing in employment in Scotland with a Scottish employer.