Brexit update: current and future exchange students

Information for students currently on exchange and for those intending to go on exchange in 2019/20 and beyond.

Edinburgh Napier students going on exchange in Europe in Academic Year 2019/20 and beyond

Despite the UK leaving the European Union on 31 January 2020 the University retains its participation in the Erasmus+ scheme for 2019/20 and exchanges will continue as they currently do. As part of the transitional arrangements which extend to 31 December 2020, It is anticipated that the UK will retain membership in the Erasmus+ programme until the end of the EU funding cycle (end of 2020/21 academic year). This means that Erasmus exchanges commencing in September 2020 will carry on as normal, as will in all likelihood, those commencing in January 2021. It is also anticipated that the UK will seek continued membership of any successor programme to the Erasmus+ programme as part of its negotiations during any transitional/implementation phase.

In recognition of the importance of supporting international experiences, and in providing students with certainty as they make decisions about their higher education options, Edinburgh Napier University is pleased to provide further assurances to any Edinburgh Napier student on an undergraduate programme with a compulsory study abroad element* undertaking an exchange in 2021/22 to one of our current Erasmus+ partners, that in the event of the UK no longer being a member of the Erasmus+ scheme, they will be eligible to receive an Edinburgh Napier-funded student mobility grant broadly equivalent to that offered under the Erasmus+ framework. This would include both EU study mobility and traineeships, pursuant to individual programme requirements and eligibility.

* Languages, International Business Management, Digital Media & Interaction Design Global, Creative Computing Global.

All UK students intending on going on exchange are encouraged to ensure they have a valid passport with more than six months' validity left on it to ensure that they will be able to enter EU countries after the UK leaves the EU.

Please contact the Global Mobility team for up-to-date information on this at

Edinburgh Napier students currently on exchange in Europe

As the UK’s departure from the European Union on 31 January 2020 is accompanied by a transitional arrangement through to 31 December 2020, Edinburgh Napier students currently on an exchange which ends prior to 31 December will not be impacted as our membership of Erasmus+ continues and freedom of movement for UK and EU citizens is unchanged during this period.

The University’s travel insurance will continue to provide cover for students (provided they have completed the pre-exchange risk assessment form) as at present and during the transition period EHIC cards will remain valid.
Current Edinburgh Napier students who are on exchange and are a national of the EU27 states should also be reassured that they will be able to re-enter the UK and continue with their studies as expected.

Please contact the Global Mobility team for up-to-date information on this at

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