Brexit: updates on the UK's departure from the EU

A statement from our Principal Professor Andrea Nolan and information and clarifications for current students, future students, exchange students and staff.

Principal Andrea NolanThe three and a half years since the 2016 EU Referendum have been uncertain and challenging times for our EU colleagues and students, and for the university sector as a whole. The UK is now leaving the EU, a historic moment which will have significant ramifications for our sector and all other sectors for years to come, with many key questions still to be resolved. 

The University continually reviews the implications of Brexit and the associated risks in a wide range of areas, including intellectual property, data protection, procurement, finance, research, travel and IT. We are in regular communication with affected students and partner institutions to share information and advice. While the threat of no deal across the board has now gone, there remains a risk that agreement will not be reached with the EU on the future relationship, or elements of it, by the end of the transition period. For this reason, we will continue to review and update our no deal planning.

Clearly, there are still many questions to be resolved over the coming months and I can assure you that I, as Convenor of Universities Scotland, along with my fellow Vice Chancellors across the UK, will continue to work hard to achieve the best outcomes for our students, our staff and our sector. 

Edinburgh Napier has always been an outward looking institution which embraces the vibrancy and diversity of our staff and student communities and greatly values the unique contribution that nationals from other countries make. The UK’s departure from the EU does not change those fundamentals.

Over the past three years, we have continually engaged with staff, students and other stakeholders, reassuring them and answering their questions as much as possible. We will continue to do this.

We have answered some common questions from current students, future students, and about exchange programmes at the links below and we will continue to update these pages when appropriate.

Professor Andrea Nolan OBE
Principal & Vice-Chancellor

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