Dilson's student experience

Dilson from Brazil talks about his life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Dilson Neto, MA Screenwriting

“The MA in Screenwriting allows me to find my own voice”

As a television and movie screenwriter, I have always felt the need to improve my writing skills. I found out that Edinburgh Napier University has one of the few courses accredited by Creative Skillset in the UK. The course structure suggested that it was more open-minded than similar courses in the UK. The MA in Screenwriting allows students to look for their own voices and to write in different formats, not just movies.

There is an excellent balance between academic theory and practical work. The teaching is great and the support staff is helpful and easily accessible. It is also worth mentioning that the industry guests who are invited to give lectures are well-chosen and certainly contribute to the quality of the course.

Edinburgh Napier is a great place for studying. I especially like the Jack Kilby Computing Centre and the Library at Merchiston Campus. I’ve seen many students from other campuses there because it’s a calm and comfortable place to study.

“For the first time in my life I felt that I was part of a team”

I never thought I would join a sports club before coming to Edinburgh Napier but during my first week here I found the Napier University Archery Club. After a few training sessions, I decided to join the club and it was one of my best decisions. I've met lovely and funny people and, for the first time in my life, I felt that I was part of a team instead of being just a burden. Not only the coach, but also the other senior archers are always trying to help the newbies.

I would recommend to anyone new to the University to try as many sports clubs and societies as they can, and choose at least one to join. It is a wonderful and relaxing experience.

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“One of the best feelings I have here is the feeling of safety”

Edinburgh is a lovely city. Apart from its beautiful architecture, there is a lot of nature here with huge parks and trees all around. Coming from the warmth of Brazil, I was afraid of the Scottish winter but it ended up not being that bad! The city also has theatres, museums, art galleries and cinemas, so there are many options of cultural things to do here.

One of the best feelings I have here is the feeling of safety. I can walk at night without the fear of being mugged. The Scottish accent can be difficult to understand at first, but you get used to it easily. I thought it would be harder to adapt to the city, but people here are so welcoming that I instantly felt at home.

“I want to develop the cinema and television industries in Brazil”

My plan after I graduate is to start teaching at universities and at production and scriptwriting courses. I will try to help create the first Brazilian masters programme in screenwriting. I will also continue my work as a screenwriter for film and television.

In the long term, I want to further develop the cinema and television industries in Brazil. With the knowledge acquired in my course, I intend to make plans for public policies that could incentivise the formation of professional scriptwriters.

My course is providing me with a different view of the production process. I believe this will help me develop strategies for an economically sustainable production process. With this in mind, I intend to do a PhD related to film business and creative economy, trying to work not only as a writer but as a creative producer.

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