Qi from China talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Qi Ju, BA Business Management with Financial Services

“Edinburgh is peaceful and full of happiness”

Edinburgh is a fantastic city that I dreamed to study in. It is peaceful and full of happiness. Edinburgh Napier University attracts thousands of students studying there every year and I’m no exception. I'm greatly interested in finance and mathematics so I chose some optional modules in those two areas.

During lectures as well as tutorials, I enjoy talking and sharing ideas with the lecturers and tutors. They give me helpful advice for both my studies and life. All in all, it was a good choice for me to study at Edinburgh Napier.

Staff are great at answering your questions and always offer a hand. The convenient facilities such as printers and library self-service machines help save time. Other facilities in classrooms are advanced which provides lecturers with the perfect environment to teach their courses.

“Every time I go back to my room I feel entirely relaxed”

Life and student activities are diverse and wonderful at Edinburgh Napier, supporting you to develop all-around. I like the University’s student accommodation and every time I go back to my room I feel entirely relaxed.

As an international student, I would have liked more guidance or pre-sessional courses to help me fit into the new educational system as soon as possible.
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“Living and studying in Edinburgh makes me feel comfortable”

Even though Edinburgh is not as prosperous as London, I still love it more. Living and studying in Edinburgh with its slow rhythm makes me feel comfortable. Information about transport or other life tips are easily accessible so it only took me two months to adapt to the life here.

To be honest, the barrier of language and the culture shock still trouble me sometimes but I believe that those problems will go as time goes on.

The real life experience here exceeds my previous expectations. Fresh vegetables and fruits, clean air and many more things have enhanced my life quality. I hope to acquire unforgettable volunteer experience here one day.

“I expect to become an expert in financial risk management in the future”

I expect to become an expert in financial risk management in the future. I have done well in mathematics since I was in primary school and I chose to major in financial mathematics in China. To achieve my long-term goal, I work hard to acquire my bachelors degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

I plan to apply to The London School of Economics for political science after my course. I still need to improve my English language skills. I know it is not easy but I will double my effort.
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