Kristoffer from Norway talks about his life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Kristoffer Andersen, BA (Hons) Business Management

“The student accommodation Edinburgh Napier offers is modern.”

Edinburgh Napier is a modern university with a lot to offer. As a Business Management student, I appreciate that we have our own campus with resources focused on business studies. The best part about the campus must be the library with all the relevant literature in one place.

The accommodation Edinburgh Napier offers is modern. I am staying at Orwell Terrace which was newly built in 2016 and I had an en suite room. To have the student accommodation experience while still having the bathroom and bedroom to myself was a blessing in disguise. One of the major challenges I came across was time management. To be able to manage university, friends, free time and other events is quite difficult but it is very manageable with some discipline.

“I wanted to go to a university that prepares students for the job market”

I love hiking in the mountains so I chose to go to Scotland because of the Highlands. I narrowed it down to Edinburgh as it is a big city with half a million people while at the same time it is close to the silence of nature. I wanted to go to a university that is focused on preparing students for an ever changing job market. Of the universities I could have chosen, I decided for Edinburgh Napier University and Business Management as my course.

I must credit the lecturers for being engaged with their students’ wellbeing. They will go above and beyond to make sure that you are both getting along with your studies but also that you develop as a person.

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“To be able to live here for four years is a dream come true”

Edinburgh is a vibrant city blending old and new in a fashionable way. My first impression of Edinburgh was how rustic it looked while still maintaining the functionality of a big city. Since I arrived here, I have not had a single quiet weekend. I love Edinburgh for all the possibilities it gives you and all it asks for in return is for you to take them.

I now study at a university that has faith in me and I in it. To be able to live here for four years is a dream come true and I could not have chosen a better place to have my university experience.

“To realise my dream I am using Edinburgh Napier”

I want to get a First Class degree and then move on to investment banking at a major financial institution. After working in the investment banking sector for two years, I will move to consulting. To realise my dream I am using Edinburgh Napier to learn what I need. Edinburgh Napier’s main interest is for their students to achieve the best possible results and to get them in contact with professionals around the UK and the rest of the world.

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