Who better to ask the all important questions to than current student Sofie from Norway. She joined us to talk about life here at Edinburgh Napier University so far.

Sofie Aarkvisla-Eriksen, BA (Hons) Marketing with Digital Media

Our top 5 questions and answers from Sofie are...

Why did you choose to study your course here at Edinburgh Napier University? 

I think marketing is such a fascinating area to study, the different aspects of it like the connection to psychology, communication etc. Why I chose to study Marketing with Digital Media was because I thought the digital part would be very forward thinking which I hope will benefit me in terms of how the world and the job market develop into a more technological world. Edinburgh Napier University could offer this course and after learning more about the University, I really wanted to come here. The student environment was what I had heard most about before moving and it was definitely correct in the best way.

What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far? 

So far, I have really enjoyed meeting new people and students, even though it is mostly online. I am glad we are able to do group work/ sessions and have breakout groups so we can get to know each other. The content I am learning is very interesting and after having a gap year it is fun to learn again. Since I am from Norway, it is very exciting to experience so many new things like speaking English every day, learning in English, meeting many new people and the whole experience itself. 

How did you find the application process when applying for Edinburgh Napier? 

I found the application process pretty good. I have never applied for anything like this before, so I did not know that it was such a long process, but it has been very easy to keep up so no problem really. I think it is probably a good practice for applying to future jobs especially for me who is from another country and hope to be able to work in other countries in the future. The staff at Napier were great!

What do you think the biggest difference is between Edinburgh/Scotland and your home country?

Maybe the youth culture? I see people wear t-shirts or dresses in November outside, and I am used to wearing as much clothes as possible when it is this cold outside. Also, the courtesy. Scottish people are generally more open and more friendly than Norwegian people. We tend to be shy and we don`t really ‘small talk’ as much as here, so we can come off as a little rude to people who don’t know what we are like. It's great to be around different types of people here in Edinburgh. 

Would you recommend Edinburgh Napier to a friend? Tell us why.

I would definitely recommend Edinburgh Napier to friends because I feel like this is a university where anyone would fit in and it is not too hard to adjust to new systems and everything because people are so helpful. It is a good place to make new friends and experience a new city and of course study. The university also has many good options to choose which subjects and courses they want to study. 

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