Vilde from Norway talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Vilde Brecke, BSc (Honours) Psychology

“I love how the University constantly develops and grows”

I got accepted to several other universities in Edinburgh and also across the UK but chose Edinburgh Napier University as I got the impression from the contact over email as well as reviews and rankings that they held values I price high. And luckily my impression was right. Our lecturers have been so warm and helpful all through these three years I have been here. Most even know all the students by first name!

I love how the University constantly develops and seeks to grow to become better for the students as well as the staff. The University offers what the students need, everything from academic workshops, CV doctor, counselling for the students, work fairs, volunteering in all kinds of sectors that gives great networking, and all this with the focus to make the students fit for life and taken care of. 

“There’s always a library open (literally 24/7)”

There is always a library open (literally 24/7) and because the campuses are located in different places, it is actually very handy as you could go to the one closest to you to study. At my campus, Sighthill, there are 5 floors in the library and they are all different. If you want to work together with friends, there are group rooms available. I have also been to many academic workshops like essay writing or referencing. I have struggled with academic work and the support services have helped me a lot.

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“On induction day I was met by smiles from staff and students”

I came to the University the first time for the induction in my very first year. I was very nervous and kind of lost walking around trying to navigate my way. However, on induction day I was met by smiles and given helpful directions from bypassing staff and students and that eased me a lot. Only a few minutes later I was introduced to my new classmates who are now some of my very best friends, my roommates and in general a lovely group that helps each other out. 

“There is something so magical with this city”

I love the easy access to nature in Edinburgh. Just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre you can hike to Arthur's Seat. There is something so magical with this city that I cannot quite pin down. I love the art, the museums, the theatre and the in general great atmosphere. 

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