Vilde from Norway talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Vilde Myrland, BA Business Management

"I chose to study in Scotland mainly because the Business Management courses in Edinburgh are ranked highly!"

I chose Edinburgh Napier University because I heard it has the biggest Business Management course in Scotland, which is very appealing. The reason I was looking at Edinburgh as an option in the first place was because I had visited the city multiple times the year before, and I gradually started envisioning what it would be like to study and live here.

"So far, I am enjoying all of my courses and none of them have been too overwhelming."

All of the lecturers have been helpful and welcoming, and I feel like everyone does a really great job at presenting the course material in a way that's both informational and interesting. So far, I am really enjoying my course!

I'm staying at one of the student accommodations, Orwell Terrace. Having moved from a small town, kind of 'countryside' home to a big city with a lot of students, there is a bit more noise that what I am used to, but nothing I can’t handle. Apart from that, my experience in the accommodation has been mostly positive. Transportation to and from campuses, and almost anywhere else too, was easy to figure out.  

"My favourite part of the Edinburgh Napier Craiglockhart campus is without a doubt the Starbucks."

The lab/computer areas are really nice, same with the libraries, I especially like the silent/quiet room concept. There are a lot of societies to join, and if you're not sure just what your interests or hobbies are, I would suggest just trying out different ones, because I can guarantee you'll find something you like. I am currently in the newly found Yoga Society, which is great fun! 

Tips from our students

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"My favourite part about the city are the views, it's just such a pretty city."

The first time I visited Edinburgh I got off the trams at Princes Street and was immediately met by a guy in a kilt playing the bagpipes in the middle of the street, that kind of set the standard.  Some of the things I have been to since arriving here is the statue of Bobby, the Princes Street Gardens and Calton Hill. I also have a list of places that I haven't had the chance to go see yet, but would like to see, such as the castle and Arthur's Seat. Life as a student here is pretty much what you'd expect, a lot of studying and a lot of fun, I am really enjoying it! 

"I have 3 top tips I think new students should know before starting at Edinburgh Napier..."

1 - Finish your online matriculation as early as possible! This makes planning your first weeks so much easier as you get access to your timetable and stuff like that earlier. 
2 - Attend Freshers Week. Go to the fairs, the society hangouts, and just meet people in general. Don’t be afraid to go alone! Everyone else is also looking for new friends so it's easy to get to talking with people. 
3 - Make a budget. Manage your money and make sure you know all your expenses and when they're due! Moving and starting university can be stressful, and you don’t want any additional stress regarding your money.
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