Ili Nadhirah's testimonial

Ili Nadhirah from Singapore talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Ili Nadhirah Mansor, BA Photography

“I really wanted to study in the UK because they appreciate the arts and creative industries”

When I was about 15 years old, I realised that I loved taking pictures. I enjoy looking at photographs more than I do reading. I went to Edinburgh Napier University after going through a really tough decision making process. I decided that I really wanted to study in the United Kingdom because of the way they appreciate the arts and creative industries.

My journey with Edinburgh Napier has been amazing so far. My lecturers are helpful and I love that the lessons include individual feedback sessions. I feel that it is necessary to have these in order for me to improve.

“My lecturers will constantly check on me and ask how I am adapting”

I like the teaching style and the idea of working in small groups. I have always wanted to do individual projects so that I can build up my portfolio and here I am able to do so.

My lecturers will constantly check on me and ask how I am adapting which is a nice gesture. These little deeds make me feel more calm and comfortable to be at Edinburgh Napier. Some modules were hard for me because I was new to the subject but along the way I managed to overcome it by practicing and asking for help. I am new to film cameras but after using them, I actually enjoy the work - especially the dark room process.

Another place that I enjoy to be in is my cosy room in Bainfield student accommodation. I have a nice view and nice flatmates who keep the place neat and tidy,we even share about our cultures and families back home.

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“I am so mesmerized by the scenery because I can never get that back in my country”

I really loved Edinburgh from the moment I Googled it. There is just something about Edinburgh that makes me feel at ease. Sometimes, when I am stressed out or if I miss home, I will go for a walk and it makes me feel better. Peers from Scotland told me that here it always rains but I have seen more sunshine than rain. Just remember to layer up and you will be fine.

As a photography student, I need to keep going to places to photograph and that helps me explore. The rocky roads and rustic buildings make me feel like I am in an historic place. Once, I went to the Isle of Skye and the highlands with a tour group. I wish I could put up photographs to actually show everyone how beautiful Scotland is. I am so mesmerized by the scenery because I can never get that back in my country.

“I believe in sharing my experiences with others - that is one way to give back to society”

When I graduate, my goal is to be a photojournalist. I enjoy interacting with people and going around to find interesting topics to make into a story. I aim to work in a newsroom, but at the same time I would love to work in a magazine. I plan to do all this right after I graduate but it will take me a few years to gain experience. Then I want to move on to being an educator. I believe that experiences I have been through should always be shared with others - that is one way for me to give back to society. 

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