Ramgopaul Roop, MBA

Why did you decide to study at Edinburgh Napier?

I chose Edinburgh Napier because at that time in 2013 I was looking for an Institute where I could do my MBA, it was a lifelong dream that I've had. I examined quite a number of schools and one night on the internet it popped up - "get an MBA for less than $10,000" from SEI in Florida, and I responded. That response that I made really changed my life. 

When I provided the information I was wondering whether I would be matriculated. I tried my best and let them know in matriculation that I am 66 now, this was my last chance, I need this chance otherwise I might not get it anymore. When I saw the "Congratulations" I was really amazed that they'd give me this opportunity, so I enjoyed every moment that I had with Edinburgh Napier. It's a pleasure, you've changed my life.

What did you love about your course?

The most important thing that I loved is that it changed my way of looking at things and created the ability to write differently, to write papers and reference papers and that is what I use day-to-day in my life now. That guidance was there and I really appreciated it and developed from it.

What impact has the course had on you and your employment prospects?

As a 70 year old farmer I'm not looking for a job - what I am looking for is that I can motivate more people. A number of people feel that at a certain age you cannot continue, but it was at age 50 that I did my Bachelors and at age 60 I did my Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management - but I was completely computer illiterate. I could not open a laptop, I could not open a desktop, because all of my life has been to take care of my children, so I wanted to do something for myself again.

Based on your experience, what one tip would you give to other students for successful online study?

Download your documents. Download the handbook material and follow it, it has been my guide - I walk with a copy of it. Get sufficient room for study - I got myself a coloured printer that I can print all my documents with and read them several times, and in my study I always had room for my dark cocoa. 

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