Paying your fees

How to make your tuition payments to the University, and information about the options available to you. 

This page will cover: 

Deciding on your payment plan

If you are funding your degree with your own money or through a funding body, you will likely need to make your tuition payments yourself directly to the University. Check the relevant website for your funding body to understand how and when they will make their payment toward your tuition, and make sure you have a plan for how you will make your payments before you start.

If you have any queries about payment, please contact

If you're an international student...

The £3,500 tuition fee deposit you will need to pay to secure your place must be paid in full. Please follow the process outlined below as 'Option 2: Payment in full' to pay your deposit. When you are paying your deposit, make sure you keep a record. We do not provide a receipt when we receive your deposit. You can then decide on which option works best for you to pay the rest of your fees. 

Deposits refunds will only be made to the bank account originally used to make the payment.

Option 1: Set up a payment plan

You can set up a payment plan prior to or at matriculation using our secure ePay site.

Payment plan options for students starting in September are:

  • 50% in October and the balance in January 
  • Three payments in October, January and March
  • Six monthly payments from October until March

Payment plan options for students starting in January are:

  • 50% in February and the balance in May
  • Three payments in February, May and July
  • Six monthly payments from February until July

Option 2: Payment in full 

We accept payment by cash, cheque, direct fund transfer, and by credit or debit card (we accept Visa, Visa debit, Visa electron and Mastercard) on our ePay secure payment site.

If you are studying 40 credits or less per trimester then payment must be made in full.

Please ensure payment is made before matriculation.

By post: Send your cheque, in pounds sterling, made payable to "Edinburgh Napier University (Fees)" with your matriculation number clearly printed on the back to Finance Services, Sighthill Campus, Sighthill Court, Edinburgh, EH11 4BN, Scotland.

By telephone: Call the Cash Office on 0131 455 6240/ 6343 / 6005.

By direct transfer of funds:

Bank name: Royal Bank of Scotland

Bank address: 206 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4DF, Scotland, UK

Account name: Napier University

IBAN: GB11RBOS83182500261075


Account number: 00261075

Sort code: 831825

Option 3: Nominate a sponsor to pay your fees 

If your fees are being paid for you by a sponsor, you must provide evidence of sponsorship or award at matriculation so that an invoice can be issued to the named person or organisation. Examples of a sponsor might be your employer, a scholarship, or a government award body (which is different to a government funding body).

If you are being sponsored for more than one academic year this information will need to be updated at the start of each new academic year.

If your sponsor withdraws financial support or fails to pay all or any part of your fees you remain liable and will have to pay any amount outstanding to the University.

Part-time or distance learning courses 

You will pay for a part-time or distance-learning course based on the modules you take, and therefore you will be invoiced per trimester. You can pay in full each trimester, or by payment plan if you are studying more than 40 credits per trimester. See Option 1 for the available payment plan schedules.

Financial Support

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