When you need to apply can vary depending on the course and where you’re applying from. This page will cover those requirements and how it will apply to you. 


We invite new postgraduate students to join us in September and January. There are also some part-time study options starting in May. On the course page, you’ll find the start dates currently available for that course. If there is an application deadline specific to that course, this will be mentioned in the ‘Overview’ section.  

The sooner you apply, the higher your chance of getting a place, and the more time you’ll have to prepare for this next step in your life. You should usually hear an update from our Admissions Team within 2 weeks of applying. All application updates are shared via email, but there may be a delay during peak times.


Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t finished my current course yet. Can I apply now?

Yes. If you are currently studying on another course, we understand that you may not have your final transcript or certificate yet. If this is the case, you can apply with a copy of your most recent transcript. We will let you know if further documents are needed later.

Please note that you would need to complete your current course before joining a new course at Edinburgh Napier University.

I’ve studied at Edinburgh Napier University before. Is the timeline different for me?

It's the same application process for our current students and alumni, but you will likely find the steps quicker to complete. For instance, you will not need to prepare copies of your degree certificate and transcript from Edinburgh Napier University. If you mention the qualification on your application form, we can then verify your final grade and completed modules. 

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