Students from Scotland

Financial support

You may be eligible for financial support including loans, grants and bursaries.


You may be eligible to get some help with the cost of studying here by applying to one of our scholarships.

Living costs

If you're living away from home for the first time, you may be wondering how you'll pay for your studies and general living costs.

Living costs will vary depending on individual budgets and lifestyles. We recommend you try and create a monthly budget to work out how much money you'll need, particularly taking into consideration student loans.

The Edinburgh Napier Students' Association has produced a handy Student Survival Guide which includes a breakdown of prices to show an example of monthly budgeting.

Students will often undertake work placements or part-time work opportunities to support themselves while they study. You can find out more information about such opportunities via our careers team.

Help and advice

For help and advice on fees and funding call 0333 900 6040 or contact:

ENSA Advice

If you need help with any aspect of managing your money, such as budgeting advice and debt counselling, ENSA Advice at Edinburgh Napier Students’ Association can help you.