Financial support: Scottish students (Undergraduate)

There are many ways students living in Scotland can fund their study at Edinburgh Napier University. These include student loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships. If you find yourself in financial difficulty, we can offer advice to help you manage your budget, including support with childcare costs.

Funding advice

Financial support varies depending on your course, mode of study and personal circumstances. Contact us on or call 0333 900 6040 if you have any questions.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)

If you’re normally resident in Scotland, you may be eligible for a range of support from SAAS. For more details and up-to-date information, visit the SAAS website.

Tuition fees

If you’re eligible, SAAS will pay your fees directly to Edinburgh Napier. You must apply each year to SAAS to ensure your fees are paid.

Student loan

Undergraduate students can apply for a loan of up to £5,750 each academic year. The amount you get will depend on your personal circumstances.

Young student bursary

If you normally live in Scotland and are under the age of 25 prior to starting your course, you may be eligible for up to £1,875 each academic year depending on your household income.

Independent student bursary

If you normally live in Scotland and satisfy the eligibility conditions to be treated as an independent student, you may be entitled to up to £875 every academic year.

Disabled students’ allowance (DSA)

DSA is available for students with specific learning difficulties, medical conditions or disabilities. The fund is to help with any extra costs students with a disability may have while studying.

Living costs grants

SAAS also provides living costs grants for eligible students including lone parents, those with dependants, carers and students who are leaving care. Visit the SAAS website or download the SAAS guide for more information.

Nursing and midwifery bursaries

If you’re a UK resident applying to study a nursing or midwifery course, you may be eligible for a non-means tested bursary of £6,578 per year.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may also apply for extra financial support including dependants’ allowance, single parents’ allowance and childcare allowance, as well as an initial expenses allowance and clinical placement expenses.

Applying for funding

You should apply for all student loans, grants and financial support at the same time as you apply for your funding for tuition fees. You’ll need to apply for all of these every year that you study.


You may be eligible to get some help with the cost of studying here by applying to one of our scholarships.

Financial support from Edinburgh Napier University

We offer a range of financial support which can help you through your studies at Edinburgh Napier.

Discretionary Fund

The Discretionary Fund helps students who are in financial difficulty to attend their course.

These funds are limited and you’re expected to have exhausted all other sources of funding, such as student loans, grants, bursaries and bank overdrafts, before applying for assistance.

Help is available towards accommodation, general living costs, essential course costs and travel costs.

Childcare Fund

The Childcare Fund provides help with the cost of registered childcare costs to allow eligible students to attend their course.

External funding options

Additional funding from charitable trusts, bursaries and scholarships are available to all students. Websites such as Scholarship Search and Student Cashpoint have information and advice.

Part-time work

You might want to get a part-time job to support you while you study — our free careers service is always happy to help. However, we don't recommend that you work more than 15 hours a week during term time.

Help and advice

For help and advice on fees and funding call 0333 900 6040 or contact: