What happens after you apply

  • UCAS applicants 
  • Receiving a decision
  • Replying to our offer
  • Making a decision
  • How long will it take?
  • Feedback on unsuccessful applications
  • Multiple applications
  • Disclosure Scotland
  • Help and advice
  • UCAS applicants

    If you've applied through UCAS, they will send it to us for consideration. You can track your application and decisions made on the UCAS Hub.

    You’ll also receive an acknowledgement email from us with an Edinburgh Napier application number. You may be asked for this if you contact us directly about your application. If you don't receive an acknowledgement email, please contact us through our enquiry form.

    Depending on your course, we might ask you to come to an interview, submit a portfolio or perform an audition before we can make you an offer. If this affects you, we’ll be in touch with details.

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    Receiving a decision

     Following review of your application, we will make one of the following decisions:

    • Unconditional offer: You have met all the entry requirements and have been offered a place on your chosen course.
    • Conditional offer: You have been offered a place if you meet specified conditions. We usually ask you to achieve certain results in your exams.
    • Unsuccessful: You have not been made an offer from us. Guidance teachers and careers advisers can talk you through your options if this happens.

    For full-time applications, any offers you receive and any conditions of these offers will be communicated to you via UCAS. We will also send you an offer email, which provides you with additional information about the University and tells you how to respond to your offer.

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    Replying to our offer

    If you decide to accept our offer, you need to do this on the UCAS Hub. The date by which you need to accept your offer depends on when you receive decisions from all the universities you have applied to. If you receive decisions from all your choices by 16 May, you will need to make your choices by 6 June. If you receive all decisions by 17 July, then you will need to make your choices by 24 July.

    You have three choices when replying to an offer:

    Firm acceptance

    • If you firmly accept an unconditional offer, this means you are confirmed to come to Edinburgh Napier University. This means you automatically decline all other offers.
    • If you firmly accept a conditional offer, this means that we’ll confirm your place once we receive confirmation that you have met the conditions in our offer.

    Insurance acceptance

    • If you choose us as your unconditional insurance choice, this normally means your place will automatically be confirmed with us if your firm choice university can't accept you.
    • If you choose us as your conditional insurance choice, this means we’ll offer you a place if you meet the conditions, and if your firm choice can't accept you.


    You have chosen not to accept our offer.

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    Making a decision

    You should consider all offers carefully before you make a decision. Once you accept an offer, you are committed to that course.

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    How long will it take?

    We appreciate that this is an anxious and exciting time, and we'll try to give you a decision as quickly as possible. However in high-demand subject areas, we may hold applications from suitably qualified candidates until we have received and considered all applications submitted by the 31 January deadline – this is to ensure all applications received by the deadline are given equal consideration.   

    For these subject areas a decision may take a bit longer, but all decisions on applications submitted by 31 January UCAS deadline will be made by 16 May. If you submitted your application after 31 January, you will receive a decision by 17 July.

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    Feedback on unsuccessful applications

    If you wish to receive feedback on an unsuccessful application, please contact us through our enquiry formwithin 20 days of receiving your decision or refer to our Admissions Policy on Feedback, Appeals and Complaints.

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    Multiple applications

    If you have applied for more than one course, you’ll receive a separate decision for each. If you have a preference but have not indicated this in your personal statement, please contact us through our enquiry form and let us know which one you would prefer to study.

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    Disclosure Scotland

    If your offer is for a place on a course that involves working with children or vulnerable adults, you'll be asked to join the Disclosure Scotland Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme before you start the course.

    UCAS will tell you if you need to join the PVG scheme when you make your application.

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    Help and advice

    If you have any queries, contact the undergraduate admissions team through our enquiry form or call 0333 900 6040.

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    Fees and funding

    Whether you are coming from Scotland, overseas or from the rest of the UK, you'll need to make sure you have arranged for your fees to be paid and find out what funding opportunities are available to you.