Edinburgh Napier University is pleased to host the 17th Global Brand Conference at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 22 – 24 April 2024.

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For two decades, the Global Brand Conference of the Academy of Marketing's Brand Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group has become known as one of the leading academic conferences on branding worldwide.  The conference brings together top branding experts around the world to discuss and advance the state-of-play in branding research, theory, and application. 

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Conference theme

With the increasing societal and environmental challenges, stakeholders now demand a higher level of conduct and integrity from organizations and their brands (Salzer-Mörling and Strannegård 2007; Bhagwat et al., 2020; Hambrick and Wowak 2019; Sarkar and Kotler 2020). Merely acknowledging the world's problems is no longer enough; brands are now expected to actively contribute to addressing these issues and improving the quality of life while addressing environmental concerns (Ramaswamy & Ozcan, 2016). The idea of conscientious brands is gaining more interest as it suggests that brands can have moral agency and choose to act in ways that make a positive contribution to the world brands (Abratt & Kleyn, 2023; Beitelspacher & Getchell, 2023; Iglesias et al., 2023; Iglesias & Ind, 2020; Keränen et al., 2012). Conscientious brands embed conscience into their actions and have a broader focus on creating value, considering all stakeholders' perspectives to deliver transformative change (Ind & Iglesias, 2022). This approach integrates concepts such as sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and equality as deliberate acts.

To address the increasing interests in the arena of conscientious brands and contribute to the existing discussions on conscientious brands, the theme of the 17th Global Brand Conference is:

Conscientious Brands: Making Sustainability and Responsibility Work

We invite original research and in-depth conceptual papers on the conference theme, as well as research in the areas of brand, identity and reputation, including but not limited to: 

  • B2B Brands 
  • Big Data Analytics and Brands
  • Brand Activism 
  • Brand Co-Creation
  • Brand Equity 
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Image and Identity
  • Brand Love, Hate, and Brand Polarization
  • Brand Orientation
  • Corporate and Umbrella Brands
  • Ethical, Charity, and Green Brands
  • Heritage Brands
  • Internal Branding
  • Multisensory Branding
  • Online/Digital Brands
  • Place and Event Branding
  • Product Branding
  • Service Brands
  • Corporate Reputation and identity issues 

Best papers presented in the conference will be considered for publication in the conference special issue, which will be announced soon.

Key Dates

Submissions open: 7 August 2023
Submissions deadline: 6 November 2023 (extended to 15 November 2023)
Announcement of decision: 18 December 2023
Submissions of revised paper summary: 16 February 2024
(250 words to be published in the conference proceeding)
Early bird registration deadline: 26 February 2024
Registration deadline: 25 March 2024 (extended to 28 March 2024)
Conference: 22 – 24 April 2024

For further information about the conference please contact: gbc2024@napier.ac.uk

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