We are a gold covenant university. The logo of the Armed Forces Gold Covenant award.

The Centre for Military Research Education and Public Engagement 

The CMREPE-ENU is currently the only research, education, public engagement, and practice unit in Scotland dedicated to the armed forces. It is a military research Centre based in a recognised Gold Covenant University working with key military stakeholders across Scotland, the UK and internationally through various networks related to armed forces transition, mental health, and wellbeing. At the heart of the centre is a multidisciplinary team of academics, practitioners, veterans, and key military personnel from tri services with a reputation and demonstrable track record for innovation and flexible approaches to project management, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies incorporating partnerships and collaborative working with the veteran's commissioner, NHS, Government, Veterans Scotland, local authorities and the third sector. Also, home to the ENU Armed Forces Network and the new Scottish Armed Forces and Military Research Hub.

We have a wide range of expertise including, though not limited to, the following themes:

Military Transition/ Employment/employability/ Optimisation and Learning 
Armed Forces Children (Lifelong Education and Child Wellbeing)
Mental Health and Wellbeing (PTSD, Wellbeing, Medical Discharge, Cortisone Programme)
Veterans in Prison
Military Studies (History of War, War Poets)
Cyber Security 

We welcome applications for undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes and offer a range of opportunities for the tourism sector to engage with students during their studies, such as work-based learning, live projects, internships and recruitment.

Doctoral students 

Our doctoral students contribute towards the research culture, reputation, and practice in support of the Armed Forces.  We provide a sound foundation in basic and advanced research methods for our doctoral students and develop researchers of the future who will bring critical thinking to the development theory and practice in their fields of expertise.

Emma Gall Beyond Transition : Understanding the role of personal relationships and identity for armed forces families. 

Colin MacPherson (RAF Veteran) is completing his final stages of his thesis entitled “The Lost Cohort? A Phenomenological Study of mainstream officer development within the Royal Air Force”.

Harry Ross Utility beyond influence: Critical action research into the purpose and impact of combined arts practice by and for the British Army in Scotland.

Ruthie Stewart (Reserve Veteran) will be completing a three-year research study entitled “Community and belonging among ex-military personal in Higher Education”.

Please email Dr Gerri Matthews-Smith if you interested in doctoral studies and with any enquiries. 

Our Approach

We are a multidisciplinary team of academics, veterans, and military personnel with a reputation and demonstrated track record for innovative and flexible approaches to project management and qualitative, quantitative, and mixed evaluation methodologies. This incorporates partnerships and collaborative working with Government, local authorities and the third sector. The team has extensive knowledge and experience of working and researching within a military arena. The ethos of the centre, embodied in its logo is that research must influence education and result in change through public engagement and this must be done with rigour and formality.  The interconnectivity of these areas is central to the delivery of our work.


We wish to support those from the armed forces community to have a clear understating of the educational opportunities available to them and break down the myths surrounding education. We are a university supportive of the armed forces community if they wish to study with us during or after service and we also encourage the family of current and ex-service personal to study.

Edinburgh Napier University is a member of the Ministry of Defence (MOD)'s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCA’s number 1159) and are on the MOD Principal Partner Supplier List as an education provider.

Public Engagement

We are committed to building and developing collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders allowing us to better support the lives of the armed forces community.  This may be in the themes of research or education opportunities, and we are pleased to hear from stakeholders if they wish to discuss ideas.  We are also keen to support the armed forces community in other areas such as student placement opportunities, with use of our campuses for events and other areas, please contact Claire Biggar to discuss ideas/opportunities.

We can help

We would welcome the opportunity to share with you details about our current Armed forces research, our educational pathways, our public engagement activity or to learn more about the people involved within The Centre. 

Please feel free to get in touch with the Director of The Centre for Military Research, Education & Public Engagement Dr Gerri Matthews-Smith

Get in touch

Do you have a general enquiry about our centre or are you interested in getting involved in our research? We'd love to hear from you.

Please email us at armedforces@napier.ac.uk and one of our team members will get in touch with you soon.

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