The Learning Journey

The learning journey is designed to create an appreciation and understanding of the value of effective leadership at an individual, business and destination level for DLP participants.


Kenneth Wardrop, Programme Leader, Edinburgh Napier University says: The learning journey helps programme participants to understand the power of destination leadership to achieve a shift change in market positioning, competitive advantage and growth in the visitor economy through collaboration and innovation”.

Developing ‘Destination Thinking’

One of the most significant aspects of the learning journey is when programme participants are able to identify the value of effective leadership at an individual, business and destination level and which aspects of transferable best practice can be shared from other destinations, and applied to their own respective experiences.

What DLP Alumni say about the Learning Journey

Susan Russell, Marketing Manager of Festivals Edinburgh:The Amsterdam learning journey was where a lot of what I’d learned was consolidated and things fell into place. I found there was quite a lot to compare between Edinburgh and Amsterdam. From a destination perspective, having absorbed a lot of academic learning on the DLP programme by that point, it really brought everything together for me."

Anna Young, Tourism Executive, Visit West Lothian: “Some of the destinations like Manchester and Amsterdam particularly, were so inspiring and very open about some of the challenges that they’d had, they certainly weren’t portraying it in that everything had been perfect or smooth sailing for them, which was refreshing.”

Gordon Hodge, Head of Conferencing and Events, University of Strathclyde: We heard from some inspiring speakers on the programme and on our learning journey to Copenhagen - it’s a privilege to be able to experience this. The learning journey allowed me to see how my part of the organisation can have an impact on the economic development of the city which I think is really valuable.”

Cathy Craig, Commercial Director of Abellio Scotrail: “I enjoyed the visit to ijVENUES in Amsterdam: it’s the idea of thinking longer-term and ahead not just build a building for a specific purpose, but thinking about linking things together, about the future, doing the planning now. The whole idea of bringing businesses to work collaboratively to attract additional visitors has just been fantastic.

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