UCAS Clearing 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that navigating the university clearing process can be both exciting and overwhelming. This comprehensive UCAS clearing FAQ page is designed to provide you with all the essential information you need to confidently navigate Clearing 2024 process.

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What is Clearing?

Clearing is the process you can use after 30 June to apply for an undergraduate course starting the same year. You can use Clearing to apply through UCAS if you didn’t get any university offers, if you don’t want to accept any of your offers, or you didn’t meet the conditions of your offers.

Which universities go into Clearing?

Universities go into Clearing when they still have places available after the UCAS application deadline. Not all universities offer places through Clearing, and courses will have limited availability, so it’s important to check specific details for the course you’re interested in as soon as you can.

Is it hard to go through university Clearing?

It shouldn’t be hard to go through university clearing, but being prepared will make it easier! Clearing is open from 5 July, but you need to have all your exam results to apply for a place through Clearing. Results day and the weeks after this are the busiest for Clearing applications, so it’s important to research Clearing in advance and prepare to call as soon as you’re ready.

We have updated our Clearing Guide 2024 to help you understand important steps in clearing at university.

How is the Clearing experience at ENU?

Our priority is to help you find a place on your dream Clearing course and make the Clearing experience at Edinburgh Napier as smooth as possible. Our clearing students' success stories indicate that the clearing process was very positive.

You can submit our Clearing enquiry form, or call us to discuss your options, and one of our team will advise you personally. If you already have your results, you can apply for a clearing course from 5 July. If you don’t have your results yet, you’ll need them before you can apply.

How does Clearing work?

Clearing works by allowing Universities to offer any remaining places on their courses. You can contact universities directly during Clearing to check availability, or entry requirements, and apply for a place.

How does Clearing work in Scotland?

Clearing in Scotland works very similarly to in the rest of the UK. Scottish students’ fees are paid for by the Scottish Funding council, so availability of courses may be different depending on if you are a Scottish student or not.

How it differs from Clearing in England?

Clearing in Scotland is the same as in England. All UK universities will have different availability of courses, so it’s best to check which universities have the specific course you want to apply for as soon as you can.

What are important dates to remember for Clearing?

5 July – Clearing opens

6 August – SQA results published

15 August  – A-level results published

23 August – Deadline at 3pm for guaranteed accommodation places (for eligible Clearing applicants).

How long does university clearing last?

Clearing is open from 5 July 2024 until the end of August. Course availability changes quickly during Clearing, so not all courses will have places available throughout this whole time. Offers are made on a first come first served basis, to qualified applicants, so we encourage you to research Clearing as soon as possible and prepare well ahead of getting your results and calling us.

When does Clearing open?

Clearing is open from 5 July 2024. From this date you can start exploring the courses available in clearing and register your interest.

When does Clearing close?

Clearing closes as soon as the available places have been filled.

Each course in clearing will have a different number of places available, so you should apply as soon as you can. Some places may be available in Clearing until the end of August but remember that courses will close as soon as they have filled their places.

Is Clearing first come first served?

Yes, clearing is first come first serve basis.

Courses have limited places available through clearing. As soon as you have your final grades, get in touch to discuss your options and, if you’re eligible, we can give you a verbal offer over the phone. We’ll let you know how long we can hold a place open for you, but this is usually 24 hours, so make sure you accept your verbal offer as soon as you can.

When is results day?

  • SQA Highers results are released on Tuesday 6 August
  • A Level results are released on Thursday 15 August 2024.

Our Clearing phone lines are always busiest around these dates. Remember, if you already have your qualifications, you can call us from 5 July to apply for your course.

Does Clearing have interviews?

For some courses in Clearing, you will need to attend an interview before you can confirm your place. You will generally find these are for courses that would have an interview during the standard application process, and include nursing and teacher training, for example. For other courses, you may be asked to submit a portfolio or some evidence of prior work.

Clearing Courses 2024

What courses are available in Clearing 2024?

The full list our courses available in Clearing are available on our website from 5 July. The courses open to you depend on whether you are a student from Scotland, whether you're coming from the rest of the UK, are someone who will be welcomed as an International student, or if you could be supported by our Widening Participation team.

How quickly do the Clearing places go?

University places through Clearing are limited, and generally in high demand. Availability will change regularly. If you receive a verbal offer, and that course closes shortly after, we will generally be able to honour this offer for 24 hours from time of issue.

Clearing entry requirements Edinburgh Napier University

The entry requirements for courses available at Edinburgh Napier through Clearing vary. Check out our Clearing hub page for the most up to date course availability and our Clearing team will be able to tell you more information about entry requirements when you call.

Are there any specific entry requirements in Clearing?

Yes, Clearing operators will know the grades we are willing to accept during Clearing, but we would not advertise these. Those interested in a course are asked to contact us and we can assess their qualifications and experience to see if we can offer a place of study.

What if my predicted grades are lower than entry requirements?

During Clearing, your predicted grades are not used to make offers. You will only get an offer based on your final grades. If your grades weren’t what you expected, there are still lots of options.

I had a conditional offer from Edinburgh Napier University but didn’t get the results I needed. Can I still get on the course I wanted?

Unfortunately, if your exam results haven’t met the conditions of your original offer, you will not be eligible to apply again for that course through Clearing.

However, you may be eligible for a similar course that is still accepting applications. Explore our Study Areas and check the live updates on our website.

Do universities accept lower grades in Clearing?

For some courses we may offer places based on grades lower than our published standard entry requirements. However, you should always get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your suitability for any course, as soon as you have your final grades.

Can a mature student apply through Clearing?

Yes, mature students can apply through Clearing. If you already have your qualifications, you can apply from 5 July. You will usually need to have studied within the last 5 years, but your work experience and other factors will also affect your eligibility.

Can a college student apply through Clearing? Is there a different Clearing process for me?

The Clearing process is the same, regardless of whether you are hoping to join Edinburgh Napier University from college or high school.

If you are eligible for Clearing once you receive the results from your final exams, get in touch and find out about course availability.

(Depending on your qualifications and the course you are interested in, you may be eligible to start in year 2 or 3 of your chosen degree)

Can you go through Clearing if you have an offer?

You can still use Clearing to find a university place if you already have an offer of study. You will need to decline any offers you are holding elsewhere to formally submit your application for your clearing course. If you already have an offer from us and want to change your course through Clearing, get in touch as soon as possible when you have your grades, and we can discuss your options.

Can you apply in Clearing if you haven’t used UCAS before?

If you didn’t apply to any colleges or universities before 30 June, you can still register with UCAS and find the course for you. You can also contact us directly for more information.

Once you have submitted an application, you will be assigned a Clearing number by UCAS.

From 5 July, you will be able to search for Clearing course vacancies and start contacting colleges and universities to find a place.

What are the Clearing options for international students?

International students will be able to explore their Clearing options from 5 July, when full course listings will be published. For students who need a visa, it’s important to remember to apply as soon as you’re ready as visa applications can take time to process.

Courses available to international students may close quickly, so that we can complete visa processing requirements.

Can you ask someone else to call Clearing for you?

For data security reasons, our Clearing team have to speak directly to you before offering you a place through Clearing.

We also want to get to know you a little and hear why you want to attend Edinburgh Napier University. The more you talk to our Clearing team, the more we can help you make the right choice.

However, your family or friends are able to talk to us about the Clearing process, available places and other general queries.

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