The Get on board programme is the first University based training and coaching programme of its kind in the UK to promote Trusteeship combined with a real board experience.

  • Participants receive membership to the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP) and can gain professional recognition by sitting the ACGP examination.
  • Young Professionals as Trustees network offer student-led sessions, a networking breakfast and in collaboration with the University Careers Service 1:1 coaching support.
  • Enhances community links, for instance, a strategic partnership with the Voluntary Action Fund, Scotland leading to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Grant from Innovate UK and a research project with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.
  • The Programme is supported by the Napier Student Association volunteering network, VBase, providing students with access to board vacancies, fostering links to identify volunteering opportunities with selected community projects and charities.

Join Get on Board and benefit from 

  • Experience working and networking with a talented range of professionals;
  • Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become and accomplished and confident board member;
  • Develop unique employability skills with the support of the University Careers Service to help you stand out in the jobs market.
  • And, most importantly of all, make a difference in the community and have a demonstrable impact on people’s lives.

The true success in the programme to date is the sheer social capital nurtured by our students externally, opportunities to build unique skills that cannot be gained in the classroom and the impact they make as ambassadors for Young Professionals (champions of board diversity – age, gender etc.,), their charities and the University.

The programme is a partnership of the Governance Forum and Young Professionals as Trustees.

Miles Weaver, Programme Leader

"We are the first University to offer a Get on Board programme and we aim to forge relationships with our Third sector friends and partners across Scotland to extend the number of opportunities for young professionals."