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Power up your imagination with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering.

Study mechanical engineering and enter a diverse field of engineering that involves the design and development of machinery in many everyday things, ranging from vehicles and buildings, through to healthcare and space stations. 

Study Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering

An undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering provides a widely recognised professional qualification that can serve as an entry level degree into a range of different fields including; automotive manufacturing, marine engineering, energy (including oil and gas, renewable and power generation), railways and building services. 

Edinburgh Napier’s mechanical engineering course is a broad based degree which covers an extensive array of topics, from solid mechanics, materials, electronics and robotics to project management and even finance. 

You’ll also learn about Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), which includes robotics and control, computer aided design software (CAD), computational analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer (CFD), structural analysis (FEA) and environmental impact assessments (LCA). 

Through this, you will graduate with a versatile degree that will allow you to embark on a career in many different industries.

What can you do with a Mechanical Engineering degree?

An undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering is a sought-after and skilful profession that most industries rely on. As a graduate in this field, you will be able to choose where you want to specialise.

Given the broad nature of the discipline, you may find yourself working in any one of a wide variety of fields, ranging from manufacturing, automotive, robotics and aerospace, to the built environment or the energy sector. The choice is yours.

Studying mechanical engineering will also give you key transferable skills in project management, maths and computing that will allow you to build your career in fields such as computer programming, management jobs and roles within the financial industries.

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What do Mechanical Engineers do?

Mechanical engineers make a positive impact on our daily lives and we depend on them even when we don’t know it.

They are responsible for developing technologies we need to live, making a difference to the way we use energy and how we travel.

Recently, mechanical engineering has played a key role in emerging fields of technology such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, biomechanics, nanotechnology and 3D printing.

If you are creative and enjoy working with machines, then a degree in mechanical engineering would set you up for an exciting career path where you can bring your ideas to life.

Get ahead

Mechanical engineers have creative minds, great team working skills and they love problem solving. Does this sound like you?

Apply to study mechanical engineering at Edinburgh Napier University and get one step closer to a career in this exciting field.
School subjects for a mechanical engineering course usually include Maths, English and Sciences. Other subjects that also teach you key skills required for this course are Design, Business Management, Computing and Technology.

Coming from college?

Edinburgh Napier University accept direct entry for students coming from college, so if you are already studying engineering you could gain advanced entry into second year and continue your studies to receive your honours degree in mechanical engineering.

Have a look at the mechanical engineering course page for more information on entry requirements