DLP Case Study: Brendan Miles and Gordon Hodge: Celebrating Differences to Drive Collaborative Working between Edinburgh and Glasgow

It’s important to try and pull cities together and get them to work together, because collectively, Scotland’s offering as a whole becomes much greater.

Brendan Miles and Gordon Hodge

Collaborating for the benefit of residents, visitors and the city economy

“We used what we’d learned about the Melbourne Lovability Index as the basis of our research, which asked a lot of questions about the local, and what people liked about where they lived and why they visited places; and applied this to Edinburgh and Glasgow”.

This case study highlights group project work from Destination Leaders Year 3, when tourism and hospitality industry professionals came together from Edinburgh and Glasgow. It examines the motivations, processes, outcomes and impact of the group project research conducted by participants Nesta Gilliland, Scotrail; Gordon Hodge, University of Strathclyde; Brendan Miles of the List Ltd, and Laura Vass, of Maximillion Events.

The group wanted to look into the perception that Edinburgh and Glasgow remain separate entities in terms of tourism and cultural activity, despite their proximity. Survey research asked residents and tourism operators about their behaviours and perceptions, in a bid to understand whether there was substantial regular movement between the cities in terms of leisure activity, and any appetite to encourage more of the same. Over one hundred businesses and over 300 city residents responded to the surveys, with interesting results.  Read the full case study to find out more.

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