Craig Wight
craig wight

Dr Craig Wight PhD

Associate Professor


I am an Associate Professor with responsibility for research, income generation and teaching and learning enhancement at Edinburgh Napier University. I have led and delivered a number of modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level with the thrust of these covering strategic management, heritage management, research methods, and market intelligence creation and usage in the tourism and hospitality sectors. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I am research-active, having authored and co-authored a number of publications on tourism and heritage management in journals and books. I have also undertaken a wealth of tourism, hospitality, leisure and cultural research and consultancy for a range of national and international clients within the public, private and voluntary sectors. I am a recognised expert in the area of genocide heritage in European city destinations and recently gave an interview to the New York Times on this topic. I am the Business School Academic Lead for Work Based Learning (6 month pathways), and I have applied succesfully for over £10,000 of income from the Lord Forte Foundation to fund student scholarships and employability skills development activity amongst our undergraduate students.




Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Expert advisor to the Haddington Heritage Project
  • Advisor to Visit Britain


Conference Organising Activity

  • Conference Organiser: Dark Tourism. Memory, Pilgrimage and the Digital Realm
  • Conference presentation at the ICCHT International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Paris, France 23-24 June 2017
  • Conference Chair


External Examining/Validations

  • Internal DBA Examiner
  • External Examiner: University of Suffolk


Fellowships and Awards

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Invited Speaker

  • Conference presentation: T&L Research Seminar Series, TBS, ENU October 5th, 2021
  • Conference presentation at the Myths of Tourism Conference in Zadar, Croatia. May 9th-12th 2013
  • Conference presentation at the 2nd Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference, Corfu, 31st May-3rd June 2012
  • Invited Speaker at Dundee Centre for Contemporary Arts
  • Conference presentation at Tourist Experiences: Meanings, Motivations, Behaviours, University of Central Lancashire, UK, April 2009
  • Conference presentation at the Second International Interpreting World Heritage Conference, Vancouver, Canada, March 2007
  • Conference Presentation at The First Annual Interpreting World Heritage Conference, "Connecting People to Places through Sustainable Heritage Tourism", San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 1-5 2006


Membership of Professional Body

  • Member of the Institute of Hospitality


Public/Community Engagement

  • Haddington Heritage Project: Group Associate Member


Research Degree External Examining

  • External Examiner (PhD) University of Central Lancashire



  • Journal Reviewer: Tourism Management
  • Journal reviewer: Asia Pacific, 2005-present



18 results

The problem with shaming people for Auschwitz selfies

Digital Artefact
Wight, C., & Stanley, P. (2024)
The problem with shaming people for Auschwitz selfies. [Online newspaper]
Selfies have become the modern day equivalent of postcards, a way to share our travel experiences with family and friends on social media. It’s one thing to strike a goofy pos...

Holocaust heritage digilantism on Instagram

Journal Article
Wight, C., & Stanley, P. (in press)
Holocaust heritage digilantism on Instagram. Tourism Recreation Research,
Discursive, netnographic and visual methods have been applied in the past to critique self-images, providing insight into the behaviours of tourists. However, such studies hav...

“Hayan na ang mga Hampas-dugo! (the Penitents are coming!)”: Penitensya as Religious-Dark Tourism

Journal Article
Wight, C., & Victoria, M. (2022)
“Hayan na ang mga Hampas-dugo! (the Penitents are coming!)”: Penitensya as Religious-Dark Tourism. Tourist Studies, 22(1), 89-113.
This paper applies indigenous research methods to understand the motives of visitors attending Penitensya (a Lenten Filipino ritual involving violent ritualistic performances)...

Tourism, the tourist experience and postmodernity: theory, application and research

Book Chapter
Wight, C. (2021)
Tourism, the tourist experience and postmodernity: theory, application and research. In R. Sharpley (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of the Tourist Experience (9-23). London: Routledge.
This chapter introduces the concept of postmodernity as it relates to the tourism industry, and to tourism research. The aim is to offer students and academics interested in p...

Visitor Perceptions of European Holocaust Heritage: A Social Media Analysis

Journal Article
Wight, A. C. (2020)
Visitor Perceptions of European Holocaust Heritage: A Social Media Analysis. Tourism Management, 81, Article 104142.
This study presents a netnographic discourse analysis of social media content generated around three high profile European Holocaust heritage sites: Ann Frank’s House in Amste...

Putting Foucault to work in tourism research

Journal Article
Wight, A. C. (2019)
Putting Foucault to work in tourism research. International Journal of Tourism Research, 21(1), 122-133.
This paper reflects on Foucault's Archaeology of Knowledge as a methodological approach in tourism research. It offers lessons from recent research focused on critiquing herit...

Directions, disconnect and critique: round table discussion

Journal Article
Lennon, J. J., Seaton, T. V., & Wight, C. (2017)
Directions, disconnect and critique: round table discussion. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 9(2), 228-239.
Purpose This paper aims to review developments in dark tourism research over a 20-year period from its inception in 1996. This paper also considers the reasons why people visi...

The role of situated learning in shaping talent

Book Chapter
Wight, C. (2017)
The role of situated learning in shaping talent. In S. Horner (Ed.), Talent Management in Hospitality and Tourism. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.
Work based learning (WBL) is an increasingly popular mode of situated learning that is based on an emerging paradigm that considers learning through experience to be the found...

Lithuanian genocide heritage as discursive formation

Journal Article
Wight, A. C. (2016)
Lithuanian genocide heritage as discursive formation. Annals of Tourism Research, 59, 60-78.
This paper presents a synthesis of Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge and the concept of discursive formation to critique museums and sites of memory as spaces in which compe...

Myth, Rhetoric and Human Tragedy in Lithuanian Museums and Sites of Memory

Journal Article
Wight, C. (2013)
Myth, Rhetoric and Human Tragedy in Lithuanian Museums and Sites of Memory. Acta Turistica, 25(2), 191-209
Mit se može smatrati prihvaćenom manifestacijom,,istine" koja je legitimizirana u popularnoj kulturi kroz filmove, knjige, televiziju, turizam te posjete muzejima i memorijaln...

Pre-Napier Funded Projects

  • Commercial funding: West Dunbartonshire Council, £6,822. Visitor Loyalty Options Appraisal
  • Commercial Funding: West Dunbartonshire Council. £5,000, Stakeholder Consultation and Tourism Strategy (Glasgow Caledonian University) 2009
  • Commercial Funding (contributor): St Lucia Hotels and Tourism Association (value £25,000). Tourism Product Audit, Service Review and Training Package (Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Commercial Funding, Visit Britain, £3,000, A case study analysis of the structures and budgets of National Tourism Organisations. Glasgow Caledonian University,
  • Commercial funding (contributor). Visit Hull and East Yorkshire. Glasgow Caledonian University. (value £10,000). A review of the impact of modernisation on the tourist information service infrastructure in Hull and East Yorkshire
  • Commercial Funding, Visit Scotland, £3000, New Futures: Scottish Tourism in 2030. Glasgow Caledonian University 2008
  • Commercial Funding. North Wales Tourism Partnership. (£5,000). strategic review of attractions consortia in North Wales, Glasgow Caledonian University, 2008
  • Commercial Funding (Project Consultant), Visit Hull and East Yorkshire, £15,000, Glasgow Caledonian University, 2008/09
  • Project Manager for the economic impact analyses of the Burns 2007/2006 celebrations and project support for economic analyses of the /2005/2004 Festivals in Ayrshire for the Burns Festival company

Current Post Grad projects

Non-Napier PhD or MSc by Research supervisions

  • DBA supervision, Corinne Tomta-Henrich, University of Plymouth (completed) 15/9/2020
  • DBA Supervision, George Dexter, University of Plymouth (complete) 17/7/2018
  • DBA Supervision, Reynatou Noma Mounkaila, University of Plymouth (completed) 1/4/2019
  • DBA Supervision. Alex Rowe, University of Plymouth
  • MSC by Research Supervision, Alex Rowe (Plymouth University)
  • DBA supervision
  • DBA supervision