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I have been a journalist for more that 30 years and although I have done reporting and writing for television, print and online, I am first and foremost a radio journalist. I have worked in local, regional and national radio, including 15 years with BBC Radio - World Service and domestic channels.

In Higher Education, I have been a journalism lecturer for six years. I deliver a range of modules in both undergraduate and postgraduate
programmes. Modules I have taught are: Radio News, TV News, Radio
Bulletins, Social Media, Introduction to Broadcast Journalism (ML), Business Journalism and more.

I also supervise BA and MA students working on their Major Projects and Dissertations. Currently, I am Programme Leader for BA Journalism at Edinburgh Napier.

Conferences and Publications:

Kocic, A. (2017) Hands On or Hands Off: Reviewing Newsday as a Teaching Tool, Journalism Education, Vol. 6, No 1, 67-74

Hands On or Hands Off: The value of Newsday as a tool in the teaching of journalism - paper presented at the annual AJE conference in London, June 2016

How useful is Newsday in the teaching of journalism - paper presented at HEA conference on Innovation in Education, Brighton, January 2016

From Diplomacy Backed by Force to Force Backed by Diplomacy - paper presented at Theorizing the Popular conference, Liverpool June 2015

Kocic, Ceballos, Mateos (2013) La radio como difusora de cultura politica: Europea Radio y las elecciones presidenciales estadounidenses in Contreras (eds) +Ciencia: Como trabajar la divulgacion cientifica desde las radios universitarias. Madrid, Communicacion Social, pp: 2015-14

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  • Fellow The Higher Education Academy