Andrew Gallacher
andrew gallacher

Mr. Andrew Gallacher

Head of Teacher Education


I worked for the University of Glasgow for ten year and in this time I have gained extensive knowledge of all aspects of Education. I have built upon my school career and very successfully transitioned to the role of a University lecturer. I undertake school assessment visits and as such I continue to be registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.
My primary work was with teacher education, at all stages from undergraduate to postgraduate, and although a mathematics education specialist my wider knowledge and experience had been acknowledged by my roles as course leader for a number of PGDE courses. This has allowed me to lead new initiatives, develop new course, and represent the University at national committees as well as UK and international conferences.
Another important role that I undertook is that of quality assurance. This aspect of assessment and ensuring standards and regulations has been commended in my work with a number of external examiners with whom I have worked. I have also been able to share these experiences when appointed as external examiner in my two previous positions. This allowed a good dialogue and understanding of shared academic standards as well as expectations as to advice to examination boards and quality reports to senate. These roles also involved dialogue with students to ascertain their views on courses and other pertinent issues relating to assignments.

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