Matthew Dutton

Matthew Dutton

Dr Matthew Dutton

Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow


Matthew is a lecturer and researcher based in the Business School.

Matthew's research interests are in employability, health, welfare reform and the welfare to work agenda. Matthew's current research is on the role of personalisation in the health and social care sector and measuring the impact of research in society.

Matthew has been the principal investigator on a range of research projects for the Scottish Government, UK Government, Northern Ireland Executive and European Commission. Recent government research reports have included a four year longitudinal study on the role of the Third Sector in the delivery of public services and a review of employability provision for jobseekers.

Matthew has co-authored more than 30 reports on welfare reform, employability provision and policy on supporting the long-term back to the labour market. Matthew has also published in peer-reviewed journals including Work, Employment and Society, Policy Studies and Social Policy and Administration. Matthew is the Chair of the University Ethics Committee.

Matthew currently lectures on research methods and public policy for undergraduate and postgraduate students. He also delivers workshops and tutorials on research methods.

Matthew is also a PhD, DBA and MSc supervisor . If you are interested in pursuing a PhD theses in an area of Matthew's research, contact the Employment Research Institute. Matthew's lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students on research methods.

Matthew has a first degree in history and political philosophy. His PhD analysed the role of self-employment in rural peripheral areas to address economic decline. Matthew has taught in social and economic disciplines at a variety of universities.

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Invited Speaker

  • Public Boards and Corporate Diversity Programme
  • Presentation to the Poverty Commission
  • Presentation of research on Workforce Resilience
  • Evaluating the Economic Impact of the Glasgow Living Wage
  • Presenation to Scottish Government on Third Sector Research Findings
  • Keynote Speech on Developing the Young Workforce


Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • Presentation of research to the Ministerial PACE Partnership
  • Witness to the Scottish Parliament Work, Wages and Wellbeing Committee
  • Chair - Business School Research Integrity Committee
  • Co-Chair Business School Athena Swan SAT


Conference Activity

  • Third Sector Research Conference
  • Tackling Inequality in the Labour Market


Media Activity

  • Act Now or Miss Gender Targets


Current Post Grad projects