Natalie Bain-Reguis

natalie bain reguis 1

Natalie Bain-Reguis

Research Assistant


Researcher on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools.
Natalie's background is in Building Physics and Sustainable Building Design. She has delivered projects related to building performance evaluation. She has established experience of sensor deployment, data transmission and analysis.



Fellowships and Awards

  • Associate Fellow in Higher Education


Invited Speaker

  • Invited speaker at the Lothian Midwifery Research Group on "Impact of the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) on the Health and Well-being of Scottish midwives", Edinburgh, December 2020
  • Invited Speaker at the OPENspace Research Seminar Series on "The impact of nature on work-related stress", Edinburgh, October 2018


Public/Community Engagement

  • STEM Embassador


Current Post Grad projects