Shona Montgomery

Shona Montgomery

Shona Montgomery



Advisory panels and expert committees or witness

  • MBRACCE Reviewer
  • Supervisor of Midwives


Conference Organising Activity

  • Scottish Supervisors of Midwives Conference
  • Mentorship in Practice Conference 2015 Presented ‘Mentorship debating the value’
  • Mentorship in Practice Conference 2015 Workshop Grading in clinical practice
  • Mentorship in Practice Conference 2013 Presented ‘session and workshop ‘Build a Mentor’



  • Supervisor of Midwives Conference 2015 Edinburgh Napier University


External Examining/Validations

  • External Examiner
  • External Examiner


Fellowships and Awards

  • Senior Fellowship of HEA


Invited Speaker

  • NET Conference 28th International Networking for Healthcare Education Conference
  • HSEV Lausanne Switzerland