Zakwan Jaroucheh

Zakwan Jaroucheh

Dr Zakwan Jaroucheh

Lecturer in the School of Computing


Dr Zakwan Jaroucheh is a Lecturer in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University (ENU). He holds a BSc degree (1998) in Computer Science from the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology - Damascus, and a MSc degree (2008) in Business Information Systems from ESIGELEC (The École supérieure d'ingénieurs en génie électrique) - France. He was awarded a PhD degree (2012) in Context-aware pervasive computing by ENU.
In his current role as a Lecturer at ENU, Dr Zakwan is involved in lecturing on subjects including Secure Software Development at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Prior to joining ENU in 2018, Dr Zakwan spent around six years in the industry working with Dell SecureWorks as a principle security engineer.
His research areas include but not limited to context–aware pervasive computing, adaptive service–based applications, secure software development, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and self–sovereign digital identity management. Dr Zakwan has published 11 quality scholarly articles. His most recent research achievements have been published in several highly-cited IEEE Computer Society, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing journal and International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, as well as premier international conferences. He can be reached at

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