Blended Spaces

Blended Spaces are the subject of a long established conversation at Edinburgh Napier University. Spaces that deliver layers of experiences where people experience a new kind of presence have been brought to life in many different ways; from Interactive Collaborative Environments (ICEs), to digital augmentation of a real-world sculpture park. 

Blended Spaces

A blended space is a space where a physical space is deliberately integrated in a close-knit way with a digital space. Because the digital space has been designed and integrated with a physical space a novel user experience is created. New properties emerge from the particular combination of physical and digital that may give rise to a new sense of presence. 

Blending Theory was originally developed as a theory of linguistics and language understanding, but it has since been applied to a huge range of subject areas, from mathematics to music to history to creativity. The main principle of blending theory is that people come to know things through taking projections from two mental spaces in different domains that share some structure with a more generic domain. New relationships are created in the blend that did not exist in the original inputs. 

Blended Spaces and Edinburgh Napier University

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) has a rich heritage at Edinburgh Napier University with several leading academics devoted to this field of research, with a strong emphasis on Blended Spaces. In addition to the on campus Interactive Collaborative Environments, Edinburgh Napier University has collaborated on numerous public and commercial projects, building blended spaces that engage with the public and create impact in the fields of tourism, art, healthcare and business. 

Blended Spaces: the art of experience

Collaboration and a unique shared vision are at the heart of this innovative and engaging contribution to the Blended Spaces conversation.

Blended Spaces: a meeting of minds

Real world, functional, multi-touch enabled spaces.

Blended Spaces: interactive projections

A sophisticated technology platform that enables clinical staff and patients to engage with a number of applications through interactive projection.