We support the health, wellbeing and care of our local, national and global communities by contributing to shape health and social welfare policy, driving innovation and promoting social justice.


Our health and wellbeing research takes a wide range of approaches - from traditional to new technologies, from home to further abroad.

Future healthcareAt home, our researchers work with the NHS on a wide range of programmes. We've spearheaded work in compassion in nursing, focusing on best practice and promoting person-centred compassionate leadership. We helped NHS Lothian develop Survive and Thrive, a new, gentler method for survivors who find trauma-focused therapy challenging.

In Europe, we're working with other researchers on e-health projects to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the latest advances in digital communication.

In Indonesia, research into customers’ perception on the ethics of tobacco marketing helped to tackle dangerous levels of tobacco consumption among young boys.

Within the School of Health and Social Care our researchers focus on public health, mental health and learning disabilities, recovery in physical health, maternal and child health, and data linkage.

Our wellbeing researchers also include those conducting research in the School of Applied Sciences. Here, we research sports science and health, psychology and biomedical science. We're researching for example how short bursts of high-intensity intermittent exercise can change body composition, metabolism and markers of inflammation in healthy and at-risk populations

Business School research in human resources, law and in marketing also contributes to understanding and delivering well-being.

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