Dr Timothy Olawumi was a resource person at WAiC Webinar
Dr Timothy Olawumi was invited as a guest speaker/resource person at a Webinar hosted by Women Academics in Construction (WAiC) on September 27, 2022.

Title: Getting Published in High Impact Journals: Salient Tips

During his talk, he emphasised the following key points: (i) how participants could enhance their writing skills; (ii) how they could develop their capacity to engage; (iii) mistakes to avoid when undertaking research and writing their manuscripts - codenamed "Shredding Editors' Love Letters"; and (iv) how they could develop and perfect their skills to publish in reputable and high impact factor journals.

The Webinar session was highly engaging, as attendees took advantage of the opportunity to ask questions, deepening their understanding of some of the research tools/software I covered during my presentation, among other things.

Positive comments were made about the session, and both participants and organisers said that they got more than they expected. They were also pleased for certain software I suggested and demonstrated.

Participants join the seminars from all around the world, including Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. (Recorded version available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6aiWMuqAfc)

Date posted

27 September 2022