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A Testing Methodology for the Internet of Things Affordable IP Cameras
  IP cameras are becoming a cheaper and more convenient option for a lot of households, whether it being for outdoor, indoor security, or as baby or pet monitors. Their security, however, is often lacking, and there is currently no testbed that focuses and evaluates security of the most affordable cameras on the market. The aim in this paper is to propose a methodology to evaluate the security of IP cameras used in households these days. Methodology proposed consists of five phases that evaluate different areas of chosen IP cameras, from default settings, through software and network connections analysis, to web application testing as well as untested firmware. After performing testing on two IP cameras that were taken into account—Wansview Q5 and Tapo C100, it has been concluded that Wansview Q5 is a more secure choice. Main security recommendations based on the results were to allow users to decide on their settings and disable any open ports that are not in use, as well as update the outdated software.

  • Date:

    19 August 2022

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    Springer Nature Singapore

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    Edinburgh Napier Funded


Dzwigala, G., Ghaleb, B., Aldhaheri, T. A., Wadhaj, I., Thomson, C., & Al-Zidi, N. M. (2022). A Testing Methodology for the Internet of Things Affordable IP Cameras. . Springer.



Cyber security, IP cameras, Pentesting, Internet of Things, IoT attacks

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