Caitlin's student experience

Caitlin from Canada talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Caitlin McNeil, MSc International Tourism Management

"I loved finding out about people's experiences in various parts of the world"

I study my Masters in International Tourism Management, which is basically studying tourism and some of the business behind it such as marketing or the management of visitor attractions.

I studied French for my bachelors degree with a minor in geography. Through these two courses, I became very interested in why people go where they go, and I myself studied in France for a semester. My interest in tourism was only strengthened when working at the international office at my university during my undergraduate studies, and I loved finding out about people’s experiences in various parts of the world.

"Edinburgh was a natural choice as the capital of Scotland"

I wanted to study tourism in a place where tourism existed and Edinburgh was a natural choice as the capital of Scotland. While I was looking, the international team was always available to answer my questions and help me out when I was frantically emailing questions. In the end, this is what swayed me to Edinburgh Napier University over the other Edinburgh Universities. I felt like I was welcomed.

I like how many international students I get to meet at Edinburgh Napier University! All my classmates offer unique perspectives on various topics which is helping me to see other viewpoints I would have never considered before. The facilities at the University are great. The library is well stocked and always has the books I need. There are computer facilities everywhere and I never have trouble finding one when I need it.

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"It is a stunning city and everybody is so friendly"

When I first came to Edinburgh, I thought it was like a fairy tale! It's the type of place you won believe exists until you see it yourself. It is a stunning city and everybody is so friendly. I love how beautiful the city is and how accessible everything is. I live near the city centre and although it is a bit of a bus ride to my campus, I can walk nearly everywhere else. I love how friendly everyone is here and how welcoming they all are and I've never felt like an outsider here.

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