Kary's student experience

Kary from Hong Kong talks about her life at Edinburgh Napier University.

Kary Wei Ho, BA Festival and Event Management

“Many of my relatives and friends recommended studying here”

I chose to study Festival and Event and Hospitality Management at Edinburgh Napier University because I am passionate about the events industry. Edinburgh holds many world famous events which makes it an ideal place to study events and hospitality.

Also, Edinburgh Napier has a good reputation - many of my relatives and friends recommended studying here because of the friendly atmosphere created by students and teachers.

I have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, I have practical classes during which I worked as front of house and kitchen staff in the Apprentice restaurant at Edinburgh College. I could put knowledge into reality, I managed the night with five other classmates, so I had the understanding of a real restaurant operation.

“I have met a lot of friends”

The University’s accommodation is brilliant. It is located in the heart of the city so there are so many bus stops around me that I can go anywhere easily and safely. The accommodation team held a lot of events over the year, for example pumpkin carving and a castle trip, thanks to which I met a lot of friends.

“Last year, I set up the Napier University Chinese Society”

Last year, I set up the Edinburgh Napier University Chinese Society with other Chinese students. We have attracted a lot of students, both Chinese and European.

 As the vice president, I am not only focused on money planning and handling, I am also responsible for the design of all the publication and advertising materials. I also organised activities for our members, for example, we collaborate with the International Society. 

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“I like how there are no neon signs and buildings blocking my eyesight so I can see the blue skies”

Edinburgh is a very artistic city. It is very new to me since I grew up in a city where I could only see skyscrapers and packed buildings. I like how there are no neon signs and buildings blocking my eyesight so I can see blue skies, and how easily I can find a park to sit down and relax. I am happy with the transportation in Edinburgh - I can go anywhere easily by bus and on foot.

The food here is amazing! I can buy western ingredients in the supermarket which are very expensive in Asia. I can learn more about Scottish culture by trying their food.

The biggest challenge I have faced when I first came here was being afraid of making friends. Easterners and westerners have different cultures so I was afraid of breaking someone’s culture or taboos. Luckily, my course mates and flatmates were very friendly so I could integrate into the culture more easily.

“I am the Event and Marketing Coordinator for the Edinburgh Student Art Festival”

I undertook a two-month internship with Clan Gluten Free. I was part of a small team that organised the first Gluten Free Burns Night Supper in Edinburgh. It was an interesting cross culture experience that I benefitted from and enjoyed working with different people.

I am now the Event and Marketing Coordinator for the Edinburgh Student Art Festival (ESAF). I help promote ESAF events and liaise with artists. I can see myself working in this kind of field or have my own business in the future.

After my bachelors degree, I might pursue the LLB (graduate entry) or MSc International Event and Festival Management or MSc Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management.

Kary from Hong Kong

Kary studies BA Festival and Event Management and talks about her studies at Edinburgh Napier.

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