Learn from our academics' world-renowned skills in tourism, hospitality, festivals and events. We are able to draw real-life practical examples right here in Edinburgh, the world's Festival City. Edinburgh Napier is ranked as a top 10 UK University in Tourism and Events. We have been key in supporting economic recovery in the sector post-Covid, locally and globally, and have outstanding international connections: there is no better place to enhance your skills.

Hotel Revenue Management

This course is designed to attract junior managers in the hospitality industry to develop a fundamental understanding of the concept of RM that includes: the role of RM; its impact on other hotel operations; and the importance of the continued viability of the business.

Hotel Revenue Management - Pricing Strategy

Through this course, students will have a better understanding of factors influencing price and various implementations of pricing strategies that support sustainable profit.

South Asia Festival and Culture Academy Intermediate Level

This course provides a skills development programme for festival directors, founders, entrepreneurs and senior managers of arts and cultural festivals across South Asia.