Professorial Lecture Series with Professor Ahmed Al Dubai

Future Communication: From Internet of Things (IoT) to Everything as a Service 

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Monday 3 April 2017 5:30 AM

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Smart mobile devices and innovative services have been growing tremendously and the widespread demand for data and the emergency of new services are inevitably leading to the so-called Resource Crisis.

According to some studies and reports, by 2019, the majority of stored data (51 percent) will move to non-PC devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, M2M modules, etc.) and most of this data will be for multimedia rich services. It is stated also that the data generated by Internet of Everything (IoE) is 276 times higher than the traffic generated from data centres to go to the end-users. Moreover, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) connections in businesses is set to reach 5.4 billion and over 50 billion IoT items in the next five years, according to a new Verizon report. However, the success of the IoT requires some key technical elements such as cloud computing, fog computing, service provisioning, ubiquity, reliability, high-performance, routing, security, service discovery, energy efficiency and scalability. 

Given the constraints imposed by this IoT infrastructure to achieve these Quality of Service (QoS) features, future research vision and business ecosystems require a merge between cloud computing and IoT concepts, by enabling a model of “Everything as a Service”.

Within this context, this presentation will discuss new trends and horizons related to data traffic management and resources allocation policies.

The lecture will be followed by a networking reception.

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