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CEDAR's “Immersive Environment Laboratory“ is a newly established physical space to promote, expand and encourage interdisciplinary work across the Universities and external organisations involved within CEDAR. Alongside substantive facilities that support academics and students alike, a large amount of new state-of-the-art equipment has been established in the past year all of which has been carefully selected for cross-technique compatibility. This includes entirely new suites for virtual reality (Vive Focus 3/Hololens), design-modelling, neuroscience (fNIRS/EEG), eye-tracking, physiology (Wireless Shimmer) and emotion detection alongside new software that can be actively used in a diverse range of fields such as Architecture, Cognition, Design, Computer Science, and Human Performance.

A 360 degree immersive lab tour generated by Dr Ian Cunningham

CEDAR Immersion Lab Tour 1:

CEDAR Immersion Lab Tour 2:

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