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The Centre for Mind, Creativity and Environment Research (CEDAR) is an interdisciplinary centre that addresses how humans adapt creatively and cognitively flexibly in a fast-changing world for sustained productivity and how environments (buildings, infrastructure, software, machines) can adapt in response to urgent need for a resilient infrastructure.
CEDAR Areas of Expertise

Our Vision

In the modern highly competitive world, creativity and cognitive flexibility are essential for the sustained growth of any economy and individual adaptation to perpetual environmental changes (OECD Education Project 2030; WEF Future of Jobs Report, 2020; WHO). CEDAR brings a novel perspective on environmental changes influencing cognition and vice versa brings cognition into fields that have not yet had cognitive performance at its core (e.g., development of adaptable buildings, design of spaces, energy and climate, software development, robotics) making it a recognised centre of excellence for external stakeholders in industry and public services. 

Our Goals

The key questions the centre addresses are how environmental influences affect cognition and vice versa how we can successfully bring cognition into environmental design (buildings, spaces, software, robots). The centre delivers new tools and models for education and industry of how environments can maximise cognitive flexibility and creativity to best adapt to environmental change and how systems can be better equipped to respond to it, ensuring sustained societal productivity. This is achieved by engaging with government departments (education and NHS) and companies (architectural, energy and climate focused, software development companies, and field of robotics) to generate new knowledge and influence practice.

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