Academic members

Dr Peter Buwert (Arts and Creative Industries)

Prof Berk Canberk (Computer Science) 

Dr Duncan Carmichael (Psychology)

Dr Lindsey Carruthers (Psychology)

Dr Jamie Chambers (Film Design, Edinburgh University)

Dr Ian Cunningham (Educational Science) 

Prof Mark Deakin (Engineering and Built Environment)

Prof Karen Diele (Ecology)

Dr Elli Drake (Psychology)

Dr Nina Fisher (Psychology)

Prof Achille Fonzone (Transport Analysis and Planning) 

Dr Andrew Gallacher (Teacher Education)

Dr Chris Gillespie (Psychology) 

Prof Emma Hart (Computer Science)

Dr Suha Jaradat (Engineering and Built Environment)

Dr Sinan Kalkan (Computer Science, Middle East Technical University)

Dr Inji Kenawy (Engineering and Built Environment) 

Dr Adam Mahoney (Psychology)

Dr Colin McGill (Teacher Education)

Dr Alex McIntyre (Psychology)

Dr Rory MacLean (Psychology) 

Dr Robert Munro (Film and Media, Queen Margaret University)

Dr Jennifer Murray (Decision Science)

Dr Judy Okely (Psychology) 

Dr Emilio Pagani-Nunez (Ecology and Conservation)c

Dr Barbara Piotrowska (Psychology)

Natalie Regius (Building Physics and Sustainable Building Design) 

Dr Josephine Ross (Psychology, Dundee University) 

Prof Ashkan Sami (Computer Science) 

Dr Ethan Shapiro (Psychology) 

Dr Faye Skelton (Psychology)

Dr Firdaus Muhammad Sukki (Engineering and Built Environment)

Dr Nicolas Pugeault (Computer Science, Glasgow University) 

Dr Michael Wamposzyc (Arts and Creative Industries)

Dr Marina Wimmer (Psychology) 

Dr Md Zia Ullah (Computer Science) 

Dr Shufan Yang (Computer Science)

Prof Hongnian Yu (Engineering and Built Environment) 

Dr Yanchao Yu (Computer Science) 

External strategic advisors

World leaders in the research spanning across the centre who provide strategic and empirical advice on the progression of the centre  

Prof Norbert Krueger (University of Southern Denmark, robotics),  

Prof Ada Kritikos (University of Queensland Australia, multisensory cognition, self), 

Prof Simona Ghetti (University of California Davies, metacognition), 

Prof Chris Harty (London Southbank University, socio-technical systems in engineering and construction)

Current Edinburgh Napier postgraduate students with first supervisor in CEDAR

Muna Ali

Felicity Gregory

Fiona Thomson

Ana Karen Hernandez Garcia

Oluwatosin Adewale

George Appiah

Aniekan Abasiekong

Ted Webster

Niall Buchannan

Pamela Ritchie

Thomas Payton-Lander

Mustehsan Beg

Sally McGarry