Our mission
Empowering our communities to apply business knowledge for positive societal impact.

Our vision to be the Business School for empowerment, enterprise and employability for all provides a lens through which we view our overall activity. It is translated into essential elements of our operation through our Mission, which is shown above.

The mission was developed in 2022 following a review process that also produced a new strategic plan. The mission and vision are linked via the word empowerment which is a key part of The Business School and can be interpreted as an individual or a collective community goal. By empowering different communities The Business School can disseminate its knowledge in a range of ways which have an impact on the communities we serve.

The new mission helped focus thinking around the next five years, to 2027. It allowed The Business School to think about ‘real world’ goals and the actions needed to achieve these. The word communities was chosen specifically to reflect and embrace the many communities the School serves and supports (listed below) and in line with the School vision ‘for all’. The list below is not exhaustive but is an indication of the different communities we serve:

· Student learning communities (undergraduate, postgraduate, research, upskilling, CPD)

· Scottish ‘home’ students

· Students from the rest of the UK

· International students who are studying on campus

· Online student community

· Faculty teaching community

· Faculty research community

· Professional services community encompassing the wider University

· Professional services community based at Craiglockhart Campus

· Local communities based in Edinburgh (Business, socio-economic who we undertake public engagement with)

· National business communities

· International business communities

· Further and Higher Education Institutions , locally, nationally and internationally.

· Accreditation body communities

· Alumni communities in Scotland, the wider UK and internationally.

The Business School’s vision and mission lend themselves readily to the development of employable graduates who add value to their constituent communities and society at large.

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