Our vision

Edinburgh Napier Business School is the Business School for empowerment, enterprise and employability for all.

Our vision translates into the core ambitions and actions of the School that reflect and exemplify empowerment, enterprise and employability. For example:


We understand Empowerment as the capacity of our students and staff to take control of their learning and work circumstances and to be able to exercise power to achieve individual goals. This includes helping themselves and others to maximise the quality of study and work experiences. 

Within the framework of Independent Learning, we provide a risk-enabling, yet supportive learning environment at all levels of our programmes. This philosophy offers our students a high degree of self-determination and control that encourages learning decisions that allow the achievement of individual goals. 

Colleagues are empowered through the University’s performance review process to set and achieve organisational goals as well as individual goals, and Faculty have developed a range of initiatives aimed at encouraging and facilitating independent learning in all modules and programmes.

Employability and Enterprise

Edinburgh Napier Business School’s focus on enterprise and employability takes our role past encouraging the acquisition of skills to help students transition from the identity of a student towards that of a graduate worker

Our staff are all encouraged to approach tasks and responsibilities with an enterprising mind set, to look for opportunities to maintain skills, and to acquire new ones to help career aspirations.

Both enterprise and employability skills are preparation for business. In general, our programmes and modules develop of a range of specific business knowledge and skills across specific professional and academic areas. With the addition of in-course and extra-curricular sessions to improve self-awareness and personal development appropriate to graduate careers in business, we prepare people for employability in general. This includes the encouragement of positive and critical attitudes towards change and enterprise, to reflect the dynamism and vibrancy of the business environment.

Our students are provided with a supportive but challenging environment that develops and deepens their understanding of the value of enterprise and employability to both business and their own communities. This is achieved through the philosophy of active learning where we aim to develop enterprise and employability skills, knowledge, and attitudes in our students during their studies. We support enterprise and employability in all our modules, and this is developed as a student progresses through their programme.

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