Accommodation FAQs

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our accommodation.

Applying for student accommodation

Am I guaranteed a place at student accommodation?

You are only guaranteed accommodation if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a full-time undergraduate student attending your first year at Edinburgh Napier University
  • You have firmly accepted an unconditional offer
  • You do not have an EH postcode address
  • You have fully completed the online application process
  • You have paid a £500 advance rent payment via the online application system only (no other system can be used for this payment including epay) no later than 12pm on the guarantee date 21/08/2017
  • Please be advised that our guarantee extends to our nominations agreement with the Student Housing Company.

Can I still apply if I have a conditional offer? 

No, you must wait until your offer is unconditional.

Can I still apply if I have an EH postcode? 

Unfortunately you will not be guaranteed student accommodation, however you can be placed on a waiting list. We will accept requests to be placed on our waiting list from Monday 3 April and will send students an application form and guarantor form by email.  If there are suitable spaces available, they will be allocated from 22 August on a first come, first served basis.

What happens once I apply and make £500 advance rent payment?

We aim to process applications within four working days after the £500 advance rent payment has been received through the online application process. You will then receive a reservation email telling you where you will be staying, how much your rent will cost and the length of your tenancy.  Within five working days of receiving this you will be expected to:

  • Complete and return a guarantor form, parents and witness (unrelated to student/parent) signatures required. We will accept a scanned/emailed copy to meet the 5 days deadline but we will also require a paper copy by post to be sent prior to Key Collection. 
  • Complete the online induction which the student will be emailed (this will take approx. 20 mins)
  • Set up a payment plan (please see below)

Financial information

What are the advance rent payment & deposit amounts?

A prepayment of £500 advance rent payment is taken on application; thereafter your online application form is accepted.  No deposit is taken or held by Edinburgh Napier University – the £500 payment is offset against your rent. Please be advised that if you are allocated accommodation at The Student Housing Company a £250 deposit is taken to the start of your tenancy.

How can I pay my advance rent payment?

Payment can be made online by credit/debit card via the online application system.

Although it is NOT recommended, if this is not possible a cheque/bank transfer (which can take up to five working days) would be acceptable, but we must be notified by email ( of this change in process. We must still receive this payment into the University account before the guarantee date otherwise the student will not be guaranteed accommodation.

How much does it cost to stay in student accommodation?

 Please consult the rent calculator.  Please note monthly payments are not worked out by multiplying the weekly cost x 4/5 weeks. We work out your total rent cost for the full duration of your stay and then deduct the £500 advance rent payment via the online application system (no other system can be used for this payment including epay) and divide this figure by 7. You will pay for your accommodation in 7 instalments starting on 10/10/2017. Students who have been allocated a 50 week tenancy pay in 10 instalments starting on 10/10/2017.  Please be advised that if you are allocated accommodation at The Student Housing Company your payment plan will vary from the above.

How can I pay my monthly rent?

It is essential you set up a payment plan for your rent payments within five days of receiving your reservation email.  If this has not been done, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and allocate it to another student.  You can set up a payment plan by:

Recurring Card Payments  - Please follow the instructions detailed on your reservation email and below. If you are staying from September to May you will be expected to make seven payments, and if you are staying from September to August you will be expected to make 10 payments.  Your first rental payment will be deducted around 10 October and monthly thereafter. Payment plans can be made following the instructions below:

Go to

  • Logon on with your Matriculation Number (your Edinburgh Napier Number) and date of birth
  • Click "Fees/Accommodation"
  • Click "Payer Relationship" and choose from the drop down list, for "Enrolment Month" choose "September"
  • Click "Accommodation Fees" and choose "Credit/Debit Card instalments for Recurring Card Payments" or "One of Card Payment for Payment in Full"
  • (We accept Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Visa Electron and Switch. We do not accept Maestro and American Express)

  • Refer to costs above for RCP/Payment in Full - 3% Discount
  • Click to confirm payment options
  • Click to input card details and submit
  • You will receive an email confirming your payment schedule.
  • Payment in full – To qualify for a 3% discount please make a one off accommodation fee payment via Please note: this discount excludes first trimester students.

    If you have any difficulties with these online payments please contact the Finance Department on 0131 455 6035, 0131 455 6036 or 0131 455 6197.

    Allocation information

    How do you allocate?

    We try to ensure a friendly, multicultural atmosphere where you are matched with people of a similar age group who are participating in a variety of courses.  However, we aim to allocate all nursing and postgraduate students together.

    Do you ensure students are located according to which campus they are studying at?

    No. Most of the student accommodation flats are within walking distance of one another, and a number of students study different subjects at different sites.  All our accommodation sites have excellent transport links to the campuses.

    Can I state a preference in regards to allocation?

    Yes. When applying you will have four accommodation site choices. We also have a range of flat types including twin rooms, en suite rooms, two-bedroom flats and studio flats. You also have the option to select single- or mixed-gender flats.  When making your selection, please ensure you check our website for the specific site eligibility criteria. We will try our best to accommodate you with your preferred option however there are no guarantees and the final allocation decision is at the discretion of the Student Accommodation Department.

    Can I be accommodated with a friend?

    Generally this option is not available within en suite cluster flats.  Edinburgh Napier has a policy not to house friends together as it can negatively affect the dynamics of the flat based on 3-9 students sharing.  Please note: if friends want to be placed at the same site we will try our best to accommodate this but not within the same flat.

    The exception to this rule is if two friends want to share a twin room at Orwell Terrace.


    What are the flats like? 

    Our flat developments are modern, purpose-built student accommodation, located in and around the city centre and within easy access to Edinburgh Napier University campuses.

    Most flats have between four and eight people sharing (we have 4, 9 bed flats) and include standard equipment such as:

    • Smart TVs in all communal lounges, cooker, fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, ironing board and other standard cleaning equipment.
    • The bedrooms include a ¾ double bed, desk, study chair, wardrobe and bookshelves.

    Can I connect to the internet?

    You can access free WiFi from all our flats and social areas.

    How do I get a car permit? 

    There are no parking facilities at any of our sites except for students who have a blue badge. For further information regarding parking in Edinburgh, please contact Edinburgh City Council.

    Can I bring my bike?

    Yes; all of our accommodation sites have communal bike stores.

    What do I have to bring?

    Although this list is not exhaustive we suggest you bring the following: bedding, duvet, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans. 

    Key collection

    How do I get my keys?

    Key collection will take place at Craiglockhart Campus from 10am till 5pm on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September 2017.

    How do I get to the accommodation after I have collected my keys?

    You can drive to the accommodation and get dropped off. Whilst parking is limited we have arranged for our students to have access to a private car park at Fountain Park Leisure Complex during the two key collection days.  We will also provide a free bus service running from Craiglockhart Campus to the accommodation sites.


    Can I transfer from one flat to another?

    If we have availability and you would like to move from one accommodation site to another there will be a £30 admin charge.   This service will not be offered until Monday 9th October 2017.  All transfer requests should be made in writing to your Accommodation Officer. 

    Can I move to private accommodation before the end of my tenancy agreement?

    No, you will not be released from your tenancy agreement early in order to look for accommodation within the private sector unless you find a suitable replacement student, approved by your Accommodation Officer, to take over your tenancy.

    Withdraw application

    What happens if I decided to cancel my student accommodation?

    You must confirm cancellation of accommodation in writing to the student accommodation department direct.  Please note £150 is non-refundable if you cancel before key collection and £350 if cancellations are on/after key collection. 

    What happens if I decided to terminate my tenancy after signing?

    Please refer to Section 26 in your Tenancy Agreement:

    "I, the Tenant understand that I will only be released from the contract created by this Tenancy Agreement in the following circumstances:

    • Withdrawal or discharge from Edinburgh Napier University or Edinburgh International College.

    • Serious medical conditions which prevent my living in the Premises, I understand a medical certificate is required and approval of release is given entirely at the discretion of the Landlord’s Head of Student Accommodation – I understand I am obliged to disclose any pre-existing medication condition which may affect my ability to reside in the Premises in my application with accommodation in the Premises.

    • Where a suitable alternative Tenant is found to take over the contract.

    The Landlord will not release the Tenant from their contract for any other reason including (placements)."