Frequently Asked Questions About Applying

Here, you will find answers to many of the questions you may want to know prior to applying for student accommodation.

Due to GDPR, Edinburgh Napier University staff are restricted from sharing information with parents and carers, both during the application process and while students are staying in accommodation. Please visit our Information for Parents and Carers page for more details.

Applying for student accommodation

How many hours of in-person teaching will I have?

The Student Accommodation team does do not have access to academic course information regarding timetabling, including information on whether your classes will be in person or online. We recommend students check their academic programme prior to applying to ensure student accommodation is a more suitable alternative to living at home.

How long will my tenancy be?

We offer 39-week tenancies to all general undergraduate (including vet nursing) students and a 50-week tenancy agreement to all other nursing students, depending on availability. We have limited availability for Postgraduates who have the option of 39 or 50-week tenancies, and a small number of 1st and 2nd trimester spaces.

The length of tenancies we offer may exceed academic requirements; however, we cannot adjust or reduce the length of tenancy to meet individual requirements.

When can I apply?

We will start to accept applications in May 2024 for the September 2024 intake, and in October 2024 for the January 2025 intake.

Am I guaranteed a place?

Please refer to Who Can Apply section of the website for information about our guarantee.

Can I apply as a couple/family?

Unfortunately we do not have student accommodation available for families or couples. However, we do offer support and advice for students looking for private accommodation.

Can I view the accommodation?

Student Accommodation cannot generally offer one to one site visits unless you have a disability. We do, however, offer site and flat tours of Bainfield and Slateford Road during our three main Applicant Days in April, September and October each year. In addition, we also offer future students and parents the opportunity to attend a site tour where we aim to show a sample flat on the following dates: 

Thursday 20 June 2024

  • 9-11am Bainfield
  • 1-2pm Orwell Terrace
  • 3-4pm Slateford Road

Thursday 18 July 2024

  • 9-11am Bainfield
  • 1-2pm Orwell Terrace
  • 3-4pm Slateford Road

Thursday 1 August 2024

  • 9-11am Bainfield
  • 1-2pm Orwell Terrace
  • 3-4pm Slateford Road 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the site you visit will be the site you are offered when applying for student accommodation. For students or parents who wish to book a slot on one of the dates above, please call the student accommodation office on 0131 455 3713 or email giving at least 48 hours notice.

Before applying

You will need your Edinburgh Napier Number, which is displayed on any offer direct from Edinburgh Napier University. Please note: this is not your UCAS number.  If you do not have this, please try using matriculation look-up system to find your 8-digit number, otherwise you can contact the Admissions Office on 0131 455 2883 for undergraduates and 0131 455 2878 for postgraduates.

You can't choose your accommodation site when applying, but you can indicate a preference for room type and site on the application form and we’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences. Please note: you may wish to check which sites are applicable to you prior to applying by consulting the allocation policy.

At the bottom of this page you can download our accommodation policy for applicants with declared criminal convictions. Please view our privacy notice for how we process criminal convictions data for accommodation allocations.

Your Online Application

If you make a mistake during the application process, email to amend. Please do not submit a second application.

If you meet all the requirements to apply for student accommodation but have any issues when trying to apply online, please contact the office 0131 455 3713 or email.

What happens once I apply and make £500 advance rent payment?

We aim to make 39 and 50 week students an offer of accommodation within four working days. An offer and reservation email will tell you where will be staying, how much your rent will cost and the length of your tenancy. You will then be expected to:

  • Make a £500 advance rent payment within 72 hours
  • Complete and return a guarantor form within 72 hours
  • Complete the online induction within 4 working days
  • Set up a payment plan within 4 working days (please see below under Financial Information) 

Financial Information

What are the advance rent payment & deposit amounts?

A £500 advance rent payment is taken once the student accepts their offer of accommodation. No deposit is taken or held by Edinburgh Napier University – the £500 payment is offset against your total rent for the total duration of your tenancy.

If you are a Widening Participation student and believe you may have difficulties in paying the £500 advance instalment, please contact for more information

How can I pay my £500 advance rent payment?

Payment can only be made online by credit/debit card via the online application system. Please do not use any other system to make a credit card payment e.g. epay otherwise you will not come under the guarantee.

Although it is NOT recommended, if this is not possible a cheque/bank transfer (which can take up to five working days) would be acceptable, but we must be notified by email ( of this change in process. We must still receive this payment into the University account before the guarantee date otherwise the student will not be guaranteed accommodation.

What is a rent guarantor?


Did you know that students do require a guarantor to secure student accommodation?


Prior to signing your tenancy agreement electronically for student accommodation you are required to upload a guarantor form, for approval, onto the online application system. The guarantor must be in a financial situation to be able to cover all rental costs and charges incurred during the full length of the tenancy agreement signed by the student for the whole academic year.  The guarantor must be fully completed with hand written signatures by the student, the guarantor, and the witness.  The witness cannot be related to the student or the guarantor e.g. family friend or neighbour.
The guarantor will be updated by letter on a monthly basis if the student has debt on their account.
Generally the guarantor is a family member who is in a financial situation to cover any rental costs and charges in relation to student accommodation for the academic year.  Agreeing to be a guarantor is a binding legal commitment and legal action against the guarantor can be made if applicable.

Who can act as a rent guarantor for student accommodation?


Unlike in the private sector, student accommodation do not require a guarantor to be based in the UK and does not complete a credit check on the guarantor.

What can I do if I am estranged from my family or from a care experienced background?


Please make student accommodation and Wider Participation aware of your situation prior to applying for student accommodation and where possible we will try to assist.

Will this be different if I am housed in a private sector nomination agreement via student accommodation?


Yes, you may be asked to provide a UK based guarantor and a credit check may be required in accordance with the private sector providers requirements.

Allocation information

Who will I live with?

We try to ensure a friendly, multicultural atmosphere where you are matched with people of a similar age group who are participating in a variety of courses.  However, we aim to allocate all 1 trimester, pathway group booking, nursing and postgraduate students together.

We have set up Facebook groups for each site so that students can find their flatmates ahead of their arrival. Please visit the groups for Bainfield, Orwell TerraceSlateford Road, Capitol Students (Gorgie) and Capitol Students (Westfield).

Will I stay with students studying at the same campus?

No. Most of the student accommodation flats are within walking distance of one another, and a number of students study different subjects at different sites.  All our accommodation sites have excellent transport links to the campuses.

Can I say where I want to stay?

When you apply for student accommodation you will be asked to make preferences of accommodation site and type bearing in mind the general allocation policy below.

Which site will I live in?

Please keep an open mind in regards to the site you will be allocated. Many students have their heart set on one accommodation site and can be very disappointed if this is not where they are in fact allocated. All of our sites are very similar in regards to the flats themselves and are all fairly new properties within walking distance of one another. Our guarantee is not for a specific site or set at a specific rental cost therefore it is very important to keep this in mind.

General Allocation Policy:

We aim to ensure a friendly, multicultural atmosphere where you are matched with people of a similar age group who are participating in a variety of courses.  However, we aim to allocate all 1 trimester, pathway group booking, nursing and postgraduate students together. On rare occasions we may have to house Undergraduates and Postgraduates together but prior notice will be given.

  • Bainfield - Undergraduate students 19 years old and under, and then Pathway Students
  • Slateford Road – All nursing students (except Veterinary Nursing), postgraduate (50-week tenancy) students and then Pathway Students
  • Orwell Terrace – Undergraduate students predominantly 19 years old and over, one-trimester (undergraduate and postgraduate) and postgraduate (39-week tenancy) students
  • Capitol Students – Undergraduate students (44-week tenancy) and possibly one-trimester spaces for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Please note our guarantee is an offer of accommodation only and not a guarantee of a site. Unfortunately we do not run waiting lists for accommodation options or sites and the guarantee is for an offer of accommodation only and multiple offers will not be made.

Why do you allocate in this way?

In the past, we used questionnaires to house students e.g. "Are you in bed by 11pm? What kind of music do you like?" However, we found that it was often parents who completed this form and we did not always get a true reflection of the student. This in turn set unrealistic expectations for students, and we no longer use this system.

Many private sector student accommodation providers allow students to choose their individual bedroom. In offering this service, many students find themselves in flats with other students of varying age ranges, various academic disciplines and predominately one nationality, resulting in a high number of room transfer requests, financial implications and all students within flats feeling unsettled.

We allow students to choose preferred accommodation sites and types in line with our overarching allocation policy detailed above. In doing so, we have found matching people of similar age groups who are participating in a variety of courses and a mix of nationalities has the most benefits for our general undergraduate students. We house nursing students together at one site to offer peer support due to similar lifestyle routines, security and academic benefits.

In using this allocation process and not allowing any transfers for the first month, we have very few requests to transfer and positive feedback from student survey results in relation to allocations.

What's else is included?

All flats have shared, fully fitted and furnished kitchen and living areas with WiFi and 40" wall-mounted smart TVs. There is also a secure bike storage area on each site. All accommodation is non-smoking and non-vaping in the flats and stairwells.

For information on facilities such as laundry, heating and WiFi, as well as a guide of what you should bring with you, please visit our pages for each site:

Additional information