We offer a variety of types of library membership for the public and specific organisations as listed below. Before you visit, please check Visitor Access to Library Buildings and Opening Hours.
How do I join?

Find instructions on how to register using our ENU Online Store below. Depending on your external membership category (see below), you may need to pay a yearly subscription of £40.
You'll need photo ID and proof of a UK address, and payment is required when you apply. You will be given a membership card (replacement library cards cost £5.00) which must be carried at all times on University premises.​

Services available to external members

  • Access to physical collections - The collections in each campus library reflect the subjects taught on that campus. You can use LibrarySearch to search for items held across all our libraries.
  • Access to study spaces – The Library offers a variety of study spaces across three campuses.

External users do not have access to electronic resources - under the terms of our licence agreements, we are unable to permit access to electronic resources.
External users cannot make requests, use interlibrary loans, computers or laptops for loan.

Membership categories

1.     External Memberships with borrowing privileges

External members with borrowing privileges will be issued with a library card for the duration of their membership (1 year). Members are entitled to borrow up to 5 books in total.
Cards are not transferable. The card holder is responsible for all items borrowed on it and liable for any charges accrued for late return of items, and in the event of their loss or damage, for the cost of their replacement.

User Group Notes Membership cost
 Access courses  From Edinburgh Napier partner colleges. Must produce a signed letter confirming their guaranteed place at Edinburgh Napier.       50% discount
 Alumni  Edinburgh Napier University Alumni  50% discount – free for the first year after graduation
 Court members
Edinburgh Napier University Court members  Free
 Donors  People who donate funds to Edinburgh Napier University. Confirmation from the Development Office is required.  Free
(Lothian’s Equal Access Programme for Schools)
LEAPS students have library membership for the duration of the pre-university summer school. They are given University ‘Event Accounts’.  Free
 Members of the public  General members of the public applying for a full membership  Full price
 Retired members of the public  Proof of receipt of state pension  50% discount
 School teachers and
Sixth Year school pupils
 Requires a staff ID card or a letter of introduction from their School
 50% discount
 Short courses run by Edinburgh Napier University    Free
 Unemployed  Requires proof of receipt of state benefit
 50% discount


 2.      External Memberships with no borrowing privileges

External members with no borrowing privileges will be issued with a library card for the duration of their membership (one year). Access to books for reference only within the library. This type of membership is free.

3.     SCONUL Access users

SCONUL members will be issued with a library card for the duration (defined by home institution) of their membership.

Who is eligible?

If you are:

  • a member of staff (both academic and support staff) on an open or fixed term contract
  • a postgraduate research student registered for a PhD, MPhil or similar qualification
  • a part-time, distance learning and placement student
  • or a full-time postgraduate
  • and your university or college is a member of the scheme, you may be able to borrow from other university libraries free of charge.

If you are:

  • a full-time undergraduate student

and your university or college is a member of the scheme, you may be able to use the resources of our university libraries for reference only.

To apply, please visit SCONUL Access.


Privacy Notice and Library Regulations

Information Services are required to process personal data of all persons registered with the library in order to facilitate their membership. See:

Library Membership - External Members Privacy Notice
Library Regulations

Campus Libraries

For campus addresses and phone numbers, see Libraries and Heritage Collections.

Edinburgh Napier University Information Services make every effort to maintain the services described, but there are occasions when this may not be possible due to circumstances beyond our control. Service to our University customers take precedence at all time.