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Are we more productive at home or in the office? How do we adapt in frequently changing environments as adults, children, in old age?

This theme investigates cognitive processes in changing environments across lifespan.

“False Webs: Network to Address the Misinformation Pandemic” Cognition

(funded by Edinburgh Napier University)

Dr Marina Wimmer Dr Md Zia Ullah Dr Faye Skelton Dr Shufan Yang Ted Carlson Webster

This interdisciplinary network of researchers addresses spreading of fake news in humans and algorithm

“Where are we more creative and cognitively flexible? The environmental impact on creativity and cognitive flexibility”


(PhD project funded by Edinburgh Napier University)

PhD candidate Iyad Sawaftah

Where are we most productive? In this project we explore whether environments such as café, office, experimental laboratory, nature, have different effects on our creativity and cognitive flexibility by using state-of-the-art VR techniques. We also investigate what role environmental factors such as noise and lighting play.

“A detailed exploration of crossmodal associations with odour”


(funded by the British Academy)

Dr Duncan Carmichael

Odour is critical in everyday life. A loss of sense of smell can have serious impact on mental wellbeing. This project examines the link between odour and sensory perception across different modalities and as such provides an empirical basis for smell training.

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