The School of Health and Social Care is proud of its strength and depth in research.
Centre for Cardiovascular Health

Our research areas include atrial fibrillation, digital health, acute and critical care, active transport, physical activity and lifestyle, medical prescribing and adherence

Centre for Mental Health Practice, Policy and Law Research

Our activities pursue our vision to support the realisation of everyone’s right to enjoy the highest attainable standard of mental health across individuals’ lifespan.

Research Groups 

Population and Public Health Research Group 

Our research areas include data linkage, e-health, immunology and infection, learning disabilities, maternal and child health, mental health, physical health recovery, public health and user experience (UX). 

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Healthcare Technologies Research Group

Research aligns with the definition of Health Technology by the International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (2021-2024) as being “an intervention (test, device, procedure, programme or system) developed to prevent, diagnose or treat medical conditions; promote health; provide rehabilitation; or organise healthcare delivery”. Our work with technology aims to provide enhancement to existing service provision whether that be along the patient care pathway for various clinical populations and places, or to transform the teaching and learning experience by healthcare providers.

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Midwifery Subject Group 

The Midwifery Subject Group (MSG) are an interdisciplinary team of highly experienced midwives, who work to produce evidence to underpin clinical midwifery practice. The evidence produced is generated from well-designed studies, with results disseminated through meaningful outputs that are readily accessible to practising midwives who work with women, partners, and families, who in turn can transfer findings into clinical application.

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