Lesley Ingram-Sills

lesley ingram sills

Dr Lesley Ingram-Sills



Lesley is a lecturer at ENU. She is a former World Cup cross country mountain bike racer and is passionate about all endurance sports. Lesley's research interests surround the impact of sleep on performance and immunity. Lesley is passionate about helping athletes to improve in endurance sport and has coached record breakers and commonwealth cyclists.




Conference Activity

  • Exercise & Immunosenescence
  • Ingram, L.A., Simpson, R., Malone, E., Florida-James, G.D. (2016) Acute sleep disruption: does it limit performance but heighten immunity. Cycling & Science, 29th June, Caen, France.
  • Ingram, L.A., Simpson, R.J., Malone, E., & Florida-James, G.D. (2012) Lymphocyte subset responses to an acute bout of intense exercise following a night of sleep disruption. 59th Annual Meeting & 3RD World Congress on Exercise Medicine, 29th May – 2nd June, San Francisco, USA.


Fellowships and Awards

  • Higher Education Academy Fellow
  • 2nd place for best poster Immunosenescence, Birmingham University, UK
  • Best oral presentation, Postgraduate conference, Edinburgh Napier University


Invited Speaker

  • Scottish Mountain Bike conference


Media Activity

  • BBC breakfast covering Mark Beaumonts World record attempt - around the world in 80 days. I feature whilst testing Mark in Edinburgh Napier Laboratories
  • January 2016: BBC Radio 5 Live Programme on Ultra Endurance Running- Features contribution from myself and showcasing Human Performance Labs at Sighthill and environmental chamber in particular.



  • Invited Reviewer: Brain Behaviour & Immunity; American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative & Comparative Physiology; Journal of Sport Sciences; Journal of Cycling in Science


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