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Create, Connect, Collaborate: Inspiring and empowering minds to think for tomorrow.

Students from both BA (HONS) Acting and both MFA courses (Playwrights and Directors) working together on the final run of the Shakespeare Workshop at Morningside Church studio. We aim to nurture talent and opportunities for collaboration, unlock innovation and growth, and enable graduates and staff to develop sustainable careers in tomorrow’s creative and connected communities.

Widely recognised for expertise and excellence in creative practice, our work is enhanced by extensive international collaboration across the arts, design and media sectors. 

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Dean of The School of Arts and Creative Industries

Dr Diane Maclean

PA to the Dean


Head of Research

Professor Kerstin Stutterheim

Head of Learning & Teaching 

Bryden Stillie

Head of Internationalisation

Paul Holmes

Heads of Subject Groups

TBC - Design, Photography & Advertising 

Dr Haftor Medboe - Screen & Performing Arts 

James Blake - Media & Humanities

Academic Conduct Officer 

Dr Alexander Supartono

Recognition of Prior Learning Coordinator

Gary Lunt

Design, Photography & Advertising

Professor Lei Cox - Head of Design, Photography & Advertising / Associate Professor in Photography

Julia Buchanan, Lecturer in Design

Peter Buwert, Lecturer in Design

Antonia Cairns, Lecturer in Design

Colin Cavers, Lecturer in Photography

Ruth Cochrane, Lecturer in Design

Richard Firth, Associate Professor in Design

Fabian Galama, Lecturer in Design 

Sophie Gerrard, Lecturer in Photography

Malcolm Innes, Senior Lecturer in Design

Dr Kirstie Jamieson, Lecturer in Design

Trent Jennings, Lecturer in Design

Mary-Ann Kennedy, Lecturer in Photography

Paul Kerlaff, Lecturer in Design

Myrna MacLeod, Senior Lecturer in Design

Ron O'Donnell, Lecturer in Photography

Andrew O'Dowd, Lecturer in Design

Rodger Stanier, Lecturer in Creative Advertising

Dr Alexander Supartono, Lecturer in Photography

Sarah Taylor, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Paul Thompson, Lecturer in Design

Will Titley, Lecturer in Design

Dr Sam Vettese, Senior Lecturer in Design

Euan Winton, Lecturer in Design

Humanities & Culture

Dr Haftor Medboe, Head of Humanities & Culture / Associate Professor in Music

Dr Emily Alder, Lecturer in English

Derek Allan, Lecturer in Publishing

Dr Sarah Artt, Lecturer in English & Film

Nicholas Ashton, Senior Lecturer in Music

Professor Chris Atton, Professor in English

David Bishop, Lecturer in Creative Writing

Dr Elsa Bouet, Lecturer in English

Dr Katrina Burton, Lecturer in Music

Iain Davie, Lecturer in Acting

Ken Dempster, Lecturer in Music

Professor Linda Dryden, Head of Research 

Ian Dunn, Lecturer in Acting

Dr Paul Ferguson, Associate Professor in Music

Dr Andrew Frayn, Lecturer in English

Avril Gray, Associate Professor in Publishing

Dr John Hails, Senior Lecturer in Music

Dr Paul Harkins, Lecturer in Music

Michael Harris, Lecturer in Music

Dave Hook, Lecturer in Music

Dr Arin Keeble, Lecturer in English

Anna Klamet, Lecturer in Publishing

Laura Lam, Lecturer in Creative Writing

Dr Scott Lyall, Lecturer in English

Professor Alistair McCleery, Professor in Publishing

Pauline Miller Judd, Associate Professor in Acting

Dr Zack Moir, Lecturer in Music

Dr Sarah Raine, Research Fellow

Renée Stefanie, Lecturer in Music

Professor Anne Schwan, Professor in English

Alison Scott, Cataloguing Archivist

Dr Daniel Shand, Lecturer in Creative Writing

Dr Donna Soto-Morettini, Senior Lecturer

Bryden Stillie, Senior Lecturer in Music

Dr Tara Thomson, Lecturer in English

Taj Wyzgowski, Lecturer in Music

Screen and Media

James Blake, Head of Screen & Media / Associate Professor in Journalism

Catherine Aitken, Screen NETS Delivery Manager

Sana Bilgrami, Lecturer in Film

Allan Boughey, Lecturer in Journalism

Susie Brown, Head of Production

Professor Alistair Duff, Professor in Journalism

Paul Gray, Lecturer in Film

Gary Hall, Lecturer in Film

Paul Holmes, Senior Lecturer in Film

Zoe Irvine, Lecturer in Film

Aleksandar Kocic, Lecturer in Journalism

Gary Lunt, Lecturer in Creative Advertising

Catriona Macinnes, Lecturer in Film

Dr Kirsten MacLeod, Lecturer in TV

James Mavor, Lecturer in Film

Dr Louise Milne, Associate Professor in Film

Dr Eamonn O'Neill, Associate Professor in Journalism

Simon Pia, Lecturer in Journalism

Dr Alistair Scott, Associate Professor in TV

Dr Paul Sellors, Lecturer in Film

Kay Sheridan, Professional Practice / CPD Coordinator

Nigel Smith, Lecturer in Film

Clare Trodden, Lecturer in Journalism

Dr Ariadne Xenou, Lecturer in Film

Rachel Younger, Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Technical Staff

David Smith, Technical Manager

Craig Ainslie, Technician in Music

Dave Archibald, Technician in Photography

John Coulthard, Technician in Photography

Rune Lilledal Hansen, Technician in Music

Iain Mackay, Technician in TV

Rob McCann, Technician in TV

Dave McCluskey, Technician in Publishing

Alex McLaren, Technician in Film

Colin Malcolm, Technician in Design

Blair Reid, Technician in Design

Ben Thompson, Technician in Film

Francis Todd, Technician in TV

Petros Tsaftaridis, Technician in Film

School Support Service

Kath Twaddell, Head of School Support

Louise Fawns, School Support Coordinator

Craig McFarlane, School Support Administrator

Tanya Oestergaard, School Support Administrator

Nikki Rainy-Brown, School Support Administrator

Shona Richardson, School Support Administrator